Rock and stone OKC have been used in architecture for centuries. This natural building material has not always been the easiest to collect and shape, but the results are always worth it. There are many reasons why architects like to work with stone. Here are a few.

Oklahoma Stone and Architecture

Building stone is a combination of beauty, strength, and longevity that you do not find in every construction material. People have gravitated to stone to create everything from castles and cathedrals to a private home or Oklahoma stone patio.

The Way It Looks

Although you may be tempted to think of stone as heavy or dated, it has a timeless beauty. Since building stone comes in various colors and can be cut into different shapes and thicknesses, it is much more versatile than many people realize. Much of the beauty you see in Oklahoma stone comes from its natural variations in color and texture. The slight differences between each piece of stone make it a unique and captivating building material. You cannot find this type of character in synthetic materials. Stone can suit any style or design aesthetic. Whether you prefer a clean, contemporary look, modern farmhouse design, or rustic style, there is a stone that will meet your needs.

How Durable It Is

Rock and stone OKC is extremely strong and durable. A building stone has a compressive strength from 60 to 200N/mm2. Additionally, all building stones must meet ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials” guidelines for durability. Thanks to the strength and durability of building stone, any structures created with it are sure to outlast buildings made with cheaper materials. Not only does this ensure that an architect’s work will last, but it also gives the owner of the building the financial security of knowing that they do not need to waste money on frequent repairs.

Design Freedom and Less Waste

As a building material, stone can be easily cut and shaped for each project, which gives architects greater freedom with design and modifications. In addition to shaping, stone does not require the water and sand necessary for concrete. As a natural product, it also lacks chemicals in synthetic options. Altogether, stone is a greener alternative that leaves little waste behind.

Endless Possibilities

Most people associate stones with a building’s exterior walls, but the applications for stone are endless. You can use it for construction as well as decor. Stone is ideal for flooring, the kitchen, the bathroom, feature walls, fireplaces, pool coping, Oklahoma stone patio, the garden, and more. Again, many architects find the versatility of stone very appealing.

Whether you are an architect or working with one, we invite you to reach out with any questions or visit Richburg Stone’s Oklahoma City showroom. We have a vast selection of quality building stones available. Feel free to browse our selection online and come prepared with any questions you may have. Our team will be happy to help you find the perfect choice for your next project.

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