When revamping your commercial or residential spaces, your materials should be both beautiful and durable enough to withstand the test of time. Oklahoma bluestone, a popular choice for its unique color and durability, often raises questions about its color stability over time. Understanding how bluestone reacts to various conditions is essential for anyone considering it for their next project. As such, here is what you need to know about bluestone and its color-changing properties.

6 Common Concerns With Oklahoma Bluestone’s Coloring

1. Sunlight Exposure

One of the primary concerns is how the stone’s color fares under relentless exposure to sunlight. Unlike some materials that might quickly fade when exposed to the sun’s rays, bluestone exhibits remarkable resilience. Bluestone may experience some gradual fading when exposed to direct sunlight over very long periods. However, the stone’s inherent qualities ensure its vibrant shades of blues, grays, and purples remain intact for years, offering a timeless appeal.

2. Weathering and Aging

Over time, natural stone is subject to weathering, which may alter its surface texture and color. However, New York bluestone Oklahoma City is known for its ability to age gracefully. With weathering, the stone may develop a slightly more muted patina, which many find to enhance its character without detracting from its original beauty.

3. Sealing

Sealing bluestone can influence its color change over time. A sealant can change the stone’s color, making it appear slightly darker and richer. However, bluestone and many other types of natural stone may not need to be sealed to keep its original color and strength. As always, discuss with your stone supplier if sealant is the best option for your project.

4. Temperature Changes

With the changing seasons, outdoor materials are subject to the expanding and contracting effects of temperature fluctuations. Bluestone stands up well to fluctuating temperatures, from the extreme heat of summer to freezing temperatures in winter, maintaining its integrity and coloration without issue.

5. Chemical Exposure

It is important to consider how chemicals, such as those in cleaning agents or pool water, might affect bluestone. Generally, the color of Oklahoma bluestone may hold up well against chemicals. Still, it is advisable to use pH-neutral cleaners to preserve the stone’s natural beauty and prevent any potential harm. A mild, soapy solution is usually recommended for cleaning most natural stones, but it is advised to contact a professional if needed.

6. Moisture and Wet Conditions

Areas with high moisture levels or those prone to pooling water might raise concerns about the stone’s color stability. Bluestone, however, maintains its color even in wet conditions. While some stones can show significant color changes when wet, bluestone tends to darken slightly, returning to its natural color as it dries, without permanent alteration.

The Color Variability of New York Bluestone Oklahoma City

It is important to note that bluestone is a natural product, and variations in color are characteristic of the stone. These variations add depth and texture, making each installation unique. The stone’s inherent color variations mean that changes over time will blend seamlessly with its initial appearance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a modern stone Oklahoma.

Discover Modern Stone Oklahoma at Richburg Stone

Choosing bluestone for your project is more than just an investment in a high-quality material. This stone’s resilience against fading, weathering, and other outdoor conditions ensures its unique color palette remains vibrant, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space. Whether for residential or commercial applications, New York bluestone Oklahoma City stands as a testament to timeless elegance and lasting appeal.

At Richburg Stone, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of modern stones, including bluestone. Our commitment to quality ensures that builders and homeowners receive only the best materials for their projects. Whether you are designing a serene outdoor space or crafting a modern interior, our selection of modern stone Oklahoma provides the durability and aesthetic appeal you are looking for. We invite you to visit our showroom to view our modern stone selection for yourself.


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