As you drive through Oklahoma City, you will see that Oklahoma stone OKC has been a popular construction material for years. Stone is a staple, but why do people keep returning to Oklahoma building stone for their residential and commercial buildings? The answer is not simply its aesthetic.

Oklahoma Building Stone History

Human beings have been creating shelter out of rock and stone for thousands of years. Stone became the building material of choice due to its durability and resistance to fire, making it ideal for cooking on ancient hearths. Having recognized the superiority of rock and stone to other materials, people have continued building everything from castles to cottages with it.

Oklahoma building stone is still a wise investment when it comes to your next construction project. Even with the creation of modern materials, you cannot underestimate the properties of a quality building stone.

Building Stone Characteristics

Not every rock has what it takes to become a building stone. Here are the properties you will find in a modern building stone.


A durable stone has the ability to withstand the onslaught of nature and changing weather with little to no damage. This includes rain, snow, wind, and heat.


The strength of a stone is how well it can handle any additional weight. The strength lets you know how a stone will hold up when the pieces are stacked together during construction. The compressive strength of an Oklahoma stone OKC should be 60 to 200N/mm2.


Rock should be hard enough to withstand everyday wear and tear and soft enough to cut into a useable building stone.


A tough building stone will pass an impact test, ensuring that it will not suffer damage with minor vibrations.


A stone needs to have a lower porosity. If it takes in too much water, it will not be able to withstand the elements.

Specific Gravity

A stone’s specific gravity is its heaviness or density. A strong stone will have a higher specific gravity.

Along with these properties, building stones have a natural fire resistance that only improves when they are seasoned to remove excess moisture. Additionally, as natural materials, rocks are safer for the environment than artificial products.

Modern Building Stones

Two of the most popular building stones are limestone and sandstone. Not only are they strong and long-lasting, but they also look beautiful, such as the house above, built with Winfield Kansas limestone. Building stones come in a variety of textures and colors that will complement any style. From contemporary buildings to modern farmhouses and classic construction, there is a stone available.

In addition to crafting the exterior of a building, Oklahoma stone OKC is perfect for flooring, landscaping, and interior design. In fact, there are several natural stone trends that require building stone.

If you have any questions about building stones, please contact us or visit to see our stones in person. With our large selection of building stone and natural thin stone available, we will be happy to help you find the perfect choice for your next project.


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