Adding an Oklahoma stone patio or deck to your outdoor living space can help you enjoy the area year-round. While both of these features create enjoyable places to relax and gather with others, the two have some aspects that set them apart. The two primary differences between decks and stone OKC patios come from the construction processes and the materials used.

Stone OKC Patios

Patios are built on top of the ground and may have a roof or pergola in the design. These features are made with natural OKC stone and rock or artificial alternatives.


Instead of being built on the ground, decks are raised platforms. These features are constructed with wood or artificial wood alternatives.

Oklahoma Stone Patios vs. Decks

Considering the following factors can help you determine whether a patio or deck is the best option for your outdoor living space.


Decks and patios offer different levels of privacy. As decks are raised, they can provide a more extended view of the landscape. However, the platform also makes you more visible. Patios can provide more privacy, especially when they are attached to your home or partially walled-in. Your patio can also be placed in a separate area of your yard, so you can still enjoy the landscape.


Before adding any feature to your property, it is important to see if permits or inspections are required. Depending on where you live and the project size, inspections and permits may be needed before building a deck, as this raised platform requires proper structural support.

Because patios are built on the ground, they will likely not affect the structure of your house. As such, permits are often not required for this feature. Of course, it is always best to do your research to see if it may be needed.


When it comes to outdoor features, more time spent on maintenance leads to less time relaxing. While quality natural wood is fairly long-lasting, any deck built with it will have to be power-washed, stained or painted, and resealed at least every few years in order to retain its beauty and integrity.

When a patio is constructed with quality natural stone, the time and money you would spend on maintenance are significantly reduced because patios require only occasional sweeping. In addition to being easier to maintain, stone patios rarely require repairs (and often require no repairs at all). This means that patios have longer lifespans and require less maintenance.


Multiple factors affect the cost of any outdoor feature. For these projects, the largest cost-affecting factors are the material, size, and location. You should also factor in the cost of working with professional builders. The specific stone or wood that you select as your building material will significantly affect the feature’s price. Because patios can save you time on maintenance and repairs, this should also be considered in its cost.

Quality OKC Stone and Rock for Patios

A well-constructed stone patio is an ideal addition to any outdoor living space. Get in touch to begin finding your perfect material.


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