Oklahoma stone patio are an excellent addition to any outdoor space. In addition to acting as an enjoyable area for relaxation and entertainment, a patio can also increase your home’s value. A well-constructed patio made with quality OKC stone and rock can completely transform your outdoor living space.

In order to be happy with this project long-term, it is essential to select the right material for your patio. There are many materials used for patio construction, including:

  • Stone OKC.
  • Clay bricks.
  • Patio pavers.
  • Concrete.
  • Gravel.

In many cases, the best material for patio construction is stone, specifically flagstone. A unique benefit of utilizing stone is that it can be added to more features throughout your outdoor space and can be added to your home’s interior to create a fully cohesive design.

Why Choose Flagstone for Your Oklahoma Stone Patio?

These large and flat stones are useful for a variety of projects. In addition to patios, flagstone is an especially popular material choice for pool copings and front entryways. This is partly due to the material’s slightly roughened surface, which provides a good level of traction even when wet. Any project constructed with flagstone will benefit from its natural strength, durability, and timeless beauty.

There are many varieties of flagstone. At Richburg Stone, we carry a wide selection of the most popular varieties: limestone, sandstone, and bluestone. Because there are so many types and variations of flagstone, there is sure to be an ideal selection that perfectly fits with your home’s design and the rest of your landscaping. When selecting which limestone, sandstone, or bluestone you will use for your patio, it helps to consider:

  • Your plans for the new patio.
  • Your personal design style.
  • Your home’s exterior design style.
  • The current landscaping features.
  • Any other plans for your outdoor space.

Considering these will help you select the perfect material for your new patio. Of course, you can always reach out to one of our stone experts for advice.

Customizing Your Flagstone OKC Patio

One benefit of utilizing flagstone for a patio is that the material allows for high levels of customization. For example, the stones may be cut into various sizes of squares and rectangles or left in a more natural irregular shape.

More customization comes with the way that the flagstones are set. Depending on the desired look of the finished project (and your current landscaping), this material can be laid on soil, sand, concrete, or wet mortar. If the stones are spaced slightly apart instead of next to each other, different filler materials can add additional customization.

Creating Your OKC Stone and Rock Patio

For your flagstone patio to have the highest possible quality, keep in mind that this is often not a do-it-yourself project. Limestone, sandstone, and bluestone are highly durable, strong, and long-lasting materials, so each also has the weight and size to match. As such, it is essential to use the proper equipment and construction techniques.

Contact us or visit our showroom to find the perfect material for your new Oklahoma stone patio.


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