Quality flooring stones OKC are a beautiful addition to any home or commercial building. When you choose the right natural material, the space will benefit from floors that are visually appealing and resistant to damage. The best flooring stones are also very low-maintenance, making them especially ideal for high-traffic areas.

If you are interested in a flooring stone with a lighter color palette, you may choose something like buff lueders or dover shell as your flooring material. If a darker color palette is a better fit for your design style, there are plenty of quality stone options. There are many benefits of gray Oklahoma City flooring stones in general; from there, it is important to select the right one. As such, you may be interested in working with slate.

Pros and Cons of Slate Flooring Stones OKC

As with any other material, slate flooring stones have benefits and drawbacks. This stone may appeal to you because of its unique appearance; while it is primarily dark gray, there may be some striations and swirls of lighter grays, dark greens, and some black. It is also fairly strong and easy to care for when sealed properly.

Flooring is a prominent part of any project, so it is essential to consider the possible cons of your material. Part of slate’s strength comes from its hardness; this makes the stone brittle, leaving it vulnerable to cracks if something heavy is dropped on it. Additional breaks may stem from this as the stone is naturally flaky. It is also highly porous, potentially leading to mildew and mold.

Alternative High-End Flooring Stone Options

At Richburg Stone, our selection of quality flooring materials includes stones that combine the visual appeal of slate tiles with the structural benefits that your project needs to be a long-term success. Our New York bluestone and charcoal Lueders stone may be the perfect choice for your home or commercial building. Both of these stones are ideal for interior and exterior spaces.

Working with Charcoal Lueders Stone

Selections of charcoal Lueders limestone range from medium gray to dark gray, allowing it to complement any design style perfectly. This natural material is one of the most popular flooring stones. Known for its longevity, limestone has the strength and durability to stand the test of time, even in high-traffic areas. Its unique texture makes it slip-resistant, and its natural qualities make it easy to care for.

Designing with New York Bluestone

With a palette ranging from bright blue to dark gray, New York bluestone is a unique addition to any home or commercial building. This natural stone is a long-time favorite of design and construction experts because of its strength, durability, and beauty. The texture of bluestone flooring makes it a good choice for various projects, and it is also a low-maintenance material.

Your Source for Quality Oklahoma City Flooring Stone

If you are searching for a long-lasting flooring material that is visually appealing, versatile, and easy to care for, visit Richburg Stone. Our showroom features selections of dark and light flooring materials, so we are sure to have a beautiful option that is ideal for your home or commercial building.


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