If you need new floors or want to build a new home, consider purchasing flooring stones OKC. Flooring stone is the perfect material for both indoor and outdoor use. For a classic look that will go with any aesthetic, you should take the time to consider gray stone flooring.

Oklahoma City Flooring Stone

Gray flooring has become a recent trend in design, and it is easy to see why. Here are six reasons to consider gray for your flooring.

It Goes with Anything

Gray is a color that can complement almost any aesthetic. It is neutral without being plain, making it ideal to use as your primary color or as an accent color in your home. It is very rare for a gray floor to look out of place.

It Hides Dust

The right shade of gray can cover a multitude of sins. Gray flooring stones OKC have a beautiful texture. This texture, combined with the color, will help hide the dust and dirt, and this means you do not have to worry about sweeping up every day. This reason alone makes gray stone an excellent choice for busy families.

It Has Warmth

Traditionally, people choose buff lueders stone because it goes well with so many different colors and hues. However, some people want a floor that is a bit warmer while still maintaining a clean and neutral palette. Gray is the option in this situation.

It Is Unique

You will find hardwoods and laminate throughout homes across the country. Stone, on the other hand, is something different. Not only is it a unique building material, but the look and texture of a stone are visually intriguing. As a natural material, stone has variations in color and texture. No two stones are exactly the same.


Natural stone combines beauty, strength, and durability that you will not find in any other flooring. Building stone has a compressive strength of 60 to 200 n/mm2, so you know it will handle weight well. When you decide to work with stone, you can rest assured that it has all of the qualities you need.


Another benefit of stone flooring is that it is a low-maintenance material. Natural stone does not require regular polishing and cleaning with harsh chemicals. In fact, sweeping and rinsing the floors with water is typically all the upkeep needed to ensure that your floor looks its best. Occasionally, a mild detergent may be necessary for spot cleaning, but this is not common.

Choosing Oklahoma City Flooring Stone

Of course, choosing your stone flooring goes beyond picking the color. If you are investing in stone, make sure that you only purchase the best. Richburg Stone has been a part of building our state since 1932. As an established stone supplier, we have a vast selection of flooring stones available, including gray stones and buff lueders stone. You are welcome to reach out or visit our stone showroom in person. We would be happy to help you choose the best stone for your flooring needs.


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