When planning a new project for your home’s interior or exterior, selecting the best OKC stone and rock is an essential part of the building process. Of course, it is always best to begin by choosing a high-quality building material. When creating your design, you may be trying to decide between flagstone and Oklahoma blue stone.

The characteristic that flagstone is most well-known for is its unique ability to be split into layers without shattering, splitting, or otherwise breaking. As an often flat sedimentary rock that can be split, bluestone is technically a type of flagstone.

What Is Flagstone?

Flagstone is an umbrella term for a group of stones. Many varieties of flagstone are sedimentary. Because of its flat surface, flagstone is a popular material choice for various interior and exterior projects, including:

  • Walkways.
  • Patios.
  • Flooring.
  • Steps.
  • Fireplaces.
  • Feature walls.

As an added benefit, flagstone can be cut into various shapes, allowing for a wide variety of possible unique patterns. Because of the many stones in this category, flagstone’s color ranges across shades of blue, gray, brown, and gold.

Types of Flagstone

A flagstone’s specific type is determined by where it was quarried. Some of the flagstones utilized in home interiors and exteriors are:

  • Blue stone: a dense, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing stone.
  • Sandstone: a popular weather-resistant stone with neutral shades.
  • Limestone: a versatile, long-lasting stone that fits any style.
  • Slate: a very soft stone with a distinctive dark gray color.
  • Basalt: a dark stone that fades over time, sometimes becoming dull.
  • Quartzite: a fairly durable stone that is often high-maintenance.
  • Travertine: a durable neutral stone that can become high-maintenance.


Why Use Oklahoma Blue Stone?

Oklahoma blue stone is an excellent option for many projects because it is one of the most versatile, strong, and stable flagstone types. This sturdy stone has a uniquely textured surface that makes it slip-resistant in rainy weather or when used as a pool coping material. Blue stone is named for its blue and gray shades, but it can also include shades of tan, green, purple, and more.

Selecting Your OKC Stone and Rock

When deciding whether to use bluestone or another variety of flagstone for your next project, there are a few factors to consider that can help you decide. In particular, consider the exact area where the stone will be located. For example:

  • If your stone will be next to a pool or in an area frequently exposed to moisture, bluestone’s slip-resistant surface makes it an excellent choice.
  • If your project will be frequently exposed to bright sunlight, a flagstone with a lighter color may be the best option.

Additionally, consider whether you want your project to stand out from the rest of the room or the landscape, or if you want it to blend in. Due to its bold shades, blue stone will stand out for an impressive impact. More neutral flagstone varieties can blend in beautifully with the rest of the space.

At Richburg Stone, we provide a wide variety of high-quality flagstone pavers, including Oklahoma blue stone. Contact us to find the perfect stone for your next project.


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