Natural bluestone pavers are popular choices for flooring stone and decorative stone OKC. We have used them for centuries, but what is bluestone?

What Type of Rock Is Bluestone?

The question “what is bluestone?” does not have a simple answer. The name covers various types of rocks that have blue or grey-blue hues to them. The materials at Stonehenge were considered bluestone. In the US, most bluestone is limestone or sandstone. Now that you know the answer to the question, “What type of rock is bluestone?” you probably want to know why it is such a popular choice.

Why Natural Bluestone Pavers?


Bluestone outdoor pavers are distinctive, yet they have are suitable for diverse applications. They can have hues of browns, creams, and reds that complement any outdoor space or natural setting.


The density of bluestone is another factor in its favor. No matter which type of rock the stone comes from, the process of its creation means that the density of bluestone is perfect for outdoor use. Not only are bluestone outdoor pavers dense, but they also have the porosity to handle extreme temperatures, traffic, and moisture. The inherent properties of bluestone make it ideal for pool coping as well as patios and walkways.


Of course, the age-old question of maintenance is what finalizes the sale for many people. As a natural material, bluestone requires very little maintenance to look beautiful. Sweeping the pavers and using water to wash the stone is perfect for regular upkeep. Like any other natural stone, it also requires resealing on occasion. The frequency of resealing your pavers depends on factors such as:

Weather – acid rain increases how often you need to seal your stones

Traffic – The more wear and tear, the more frequently you will need to seal your pavers. Of course, should you need to replace a paver, it can be done without touching the rest of the area.

If you are interested in bluestone pavers or building stone​, you are welcome to see our selection in person. We are always ​here​ to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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