When building a home or renovating a space, using high-quality materials can extend the longevity of your project. Oklahoma building stone is a popular material for homeowners and builders alike. There are various building stones to use for your project, each with unique properties that make it an excellent material for any project you undertake.

The Types of Building Stones and Their Properties

Building stones are used for any type of construction. Building stones should have the following properties to be used for construction:

  • Durability and strength
  • Weather and heat resistance
  • Ideal Porosity
  • Cutability
  • Beauty

As such, here are three types of Oklahoma stone OKC that are used as building stones.


Bluestone is a type of sedimentary rock formed from sand, minerals, and other rocky deposits that were compacted and cemented together over thousands of years. The unique composition of bluestone makes it incredibly durable and capable of withstanding heavy loads. However, it is still soft enough to cut and shape easily, making it ideal for building stone. Plus, it comes in other stunning hues besides blue, like green, brown, and even purple.


Limestone is also a sedimentary rock and is an incredibly versatile Oklahoma building stone for any project. Limestone selections like buff lueders limestone are strong enough to withstand heavy weight. Limestone is also naturally fire-resistant and can withstand high heat better than other building materials, such as granite. This makes it ideal for fireplaces and firepits, as long as it is not softened by moisture. Limestone also comes in various colors, with the most popular shades being cream and charcoal to match a neutral and modern aesthetic.


Sandstone is another type of sedimentary stone that is commonly used for building stone. It is formed over time from compacted sand and other minerals. Sandstone has an exceptional strength of 6-7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and a porous texture due to its unique formation process. The porosity of sandstone helps with weather resistance, so it is the perfect building stone for exterior projects that are susceptible to high winds, extreme temperatures, rain, and more. Likewise, sandstone comes in an array of colors to match any space, making it a favorite among other stone supplies in OKC.

Looking for High-Quality Oklahoma Stone OKC for Your Project?

Limestone, bluestone, and sandstone are gorgeous, long-lasting building stones for interior and exterior construction projects. These stones meet all the requirements of a quality building stone, from strength and durability to beauty and porosity.

If you are in need of quality stone supplies in OKC, please reach out to our team at Richburg Stone. We have a great selection of building stones, including sandstone, limestone, and bluestone. All stones are reviewed under our quality control standards as they come from the quarry, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest-quality stone for your project. Please visit our showroom to view our stones in person. If you have any questions about our selection, please reach out to us.


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