If you are selecting the coping for your new pool, swimming pool stones in OKC will likely be your ideal material choice. The best natural stones are slip-resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and very easy to maintain. Additionally, many stone selections are extremely durable.

It is important to note that there are many types of natural stone. As such, not every stone pool coping material will have the same level of durability. Knowing which stones are the most durable can help you make the perfect material choice for your next project.

3 Durable Stone Pool Coping Oklahoma Selections


As one of the most durable stones, limestone is an ideal pool rock Oklahoma City. This attribute makes it very low maintenance and capable of tolerating extreme weather changes and continuous use. Limestone’s appeal goes beyond its strength. This stone is also available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors, so there is a beautiful option for any space.


Comprised primarily of quartz grains, sandstone is another natural material that is known for its durability. This stone is highly resistant to cracking, chipping, and weathering. The natural processes that form sandstone’s grains give it a very unique texture; as a result, it is also one of the most slip-resistant natural stone pool coping Oklahoma options.


While it is most well-known for its color, construction experts also recognize bluestone for its high level of durability. This natural stone is strong and hardy. Bluestone is also a slip-resistant material that can handle nearly any weather condition. If you want a durable pool stone that features a beautiful blend of blues and grays, this is your ideal material choice.

Choosing Your Ideal Pool Rock Oklahoma City

Durability is essential to any coping material, but there is more to consider. Your pool is in your outdoor living space, so it needs a design you will enjoy seeing every day. As such, you should use materials you will be happy with in the long term. When choosing a coping stone, consider its:


The color of your coping will significantly impact the finished look of your swimming pool. Limestone, sandstone, and bluestone each have beautiful palettes, so there will be an ideal choice for your project.


The best natural stones for pools can be cut to various sizes without losing quality. As such, your coping material could consist of very large stones, fairly small ones, or multiple sizes mixed together.


Your design style will determine the ideal shape of your stones. Natural stones that are sleek squares or rectangles are perfect for contemporary design. For a rustic look, consider free-flowing irregular pavers.

Quality Swimming Pool Stones in OKC

Your choice of materials can determine the overall success of any project; as such, it is important to source everything from the right place. Richburg Stone has been an industry-leading supplier of high-end limestones, sandstones, and bluestones for over 90 years. Please visit our OKC showroom or contact us to learn more about our materials, including our quality pool stones.

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