An Oklahoma stone patio and walkway add both function and beauty, allowing you to get the most out of your outdoor space. Stone adds texture and color, and it has the durability to handle regular traffic. If you are interested in stone patios and walkways, you will need to choose from the different types of patio stones available.

Stone Walks and Patios

There are different types of stone for patios and walkways, but which kind of stone should you choose for your home? It depends on what you want.

Consider the following questions:

  •  Will it be by a pool? – You want stone walks and patios that are slip and heat resistant.
  •  Do you want something rustic or modern? – There is a stone for every aesthetic.
  •  What will the foot traffic be? – You want something durable for high foot traffic.
  •  Here is some of the best stone for patios and walkways.

Types of Stones for Patios


A favorite for pool areas, limestone is a popular option for Oklahoma stone patios. This light-colored stone will not retain heat and is porous enough to reduce slips and falls when it is wet. Additionally, limestone has the durability to withstand frequent use. Although it is light, limestone comes in different textures and finishes to complement any style.

Limestone should not be exposed to acids because it can erode with the stone. Additionally, do not plant fruit trees next to limestone to prevent staining. Sealing will protect your stone, but there is no need to take unnecessary risks.


A traditional building material, Bluestone is the best stone for walkways, pools, and stairs in classic East Coast cities. Found in New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, Bluestone OKC is available in various shades and tones such as green and rust. Whether you want an elegant, modern, or unique look, Bluestone is a versatile option. While it is durable, Bluestone is still porous and requires sealing to protect it from the elements.


Available in different types of stone, pavers are popular DIY options because they are inexpensive and easy to replace if they break. Flagstone pavers, for example, offer rustic charm to a patio or walkway, but they lack the strength of limestone.

No matter the type of stone you choose, you have the option to install your patio in different ways to match your style, such as herringbone, straight, or irregular. If you have any questions about Oklahoma stone patios, please ​contact us​. Our team is ready to help.

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