Deciding on the right materials for your project can be challenging. You should choose those that are long-lasting, strong, and cohesive with your style. Natural stone Oklahoma has proven to be a popular material for various projects. There are different types of natural stone to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics that make it a sought-after material.

What are the Different Types of Natural Stone Oklahoma?

Every stone is unique, but many contain the same benefits that make it popular for homeowners, business owners, interior designers, and builders. At Richburg Stone, three of the most popular types of natural stone we carry are limestone, sandstone, and New York bluestone Oklahoma City.


Limestone is a sedimentary rock used in design and construction for hundreds of years. It comes in a range of colors, from soft, neutral tones to bright, vivid hues. Limestone works well for building projects because it is strong and can withstand weight well, with its compressive strength usually between 60 and 170 N/mm2. It is a hard stone that can withstand weathering without cracking or chipping. However, it can still be easily cut into different shapes and levels of thickness for versatile use.

We carry various types of limestone at Richburg Stone; two popular varieties are buff lueders and charcoal lueders stone. Buff lueders is a type of limestone usually found in northern Texas. This Texas limestone in Oklahoma is primarily a neutral buff color, so it fits in well with multiple aesthetics. Charcoal lueders has the same great benefits, and the charcoal coloring adds a sophisticated feel to any space.


Due to its popularity, you have probably seen sandstone in various residential homes and commercial buildings. Much like limestone, sandstone is found in an array of fun colors. For example, slabs of sandstone that contain high levels of iron oxide will showcase vibrant red and orange tones. Likewise, sandstone has an amazingly porous texture. Its porosity allows skin to grip its surface, making it ideal for indoor flooring and patios. However, even though it is a porous stone, it remains low maintenance and easy to care for.

Sandstone is a favored natural stone Oklahoma in our inventory at Richburg Stone. Our sandstone comes in building stone and thin veneer stone to meet your needs. Our Hazel Chopped and Sienna Brown Tumbled sandstones are excellent if your heart is set on this gorgeous stone.

New York Bluestone Oklahoma City

Bluestone is the perfect choice if you are looking to grab attention with your space. Bluestone is a sedimentary rock commonly found in New York, hence its name. Its popularity arises from its one-of-a-kind colors. The colors in bluestone go beyond standard shades of blue, with a richness and depth that goes unmatched. Some slabs of bluestone also include hints of purple and green. Because it is a sedimentary rock, New York bluestone Oklahoma City possesses all the benefits of other stones like limestone and sandstone, from its strength and hardness to its unique porosity.

Bluestone remains a top selection at Richburg Stone. Its contemporary look makes it versatile in use. From gorgeous pool coping and patio flooring to distinctive feature walls, our bluestone will enhance your space no matter how it is used.

Outdoor stone archways

Find the Perfect Natural Stone Oklahoma for Your Project

Of course, many other natural stone selections are available for your project, including flagstone and river rock. No matter what kind of stone you choose, buying from a trusted supplier is important to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Our team of experts at Richburg Stone has set the standard for high-quality natural stone for over 90 years. Our strong relationships with quarry suppliers allow us to provide our customers with long-lasting, durable, and attractive natural stones. From our New York bluestone to Texas limestone in Oklahoma, every natural stone must pass our quality control standards. Please visit our showroom to view our inventory today.


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