Your home’s exterior creates the first impression of you and your style. Some decorative stone for outside of houses will help establish your style as well as improve the curb appeal for potential buyers if you are ready to sell. Natural stone will also help increase the value of your home.

Decorative Stone for Outside of House

There are different types of exterior house stone. You have a variety of choices to choose from when updating the look of your home. If you are completely overhauling the exterior of your home, you can use natural building stone. There is also the option of Oklahoma stone veneer if you simply want to update the house’s existing exterior. Both come in an array of cuts and colors to suit any design.

Modern Design

Stones with a clean, simple cut are ideal for modern homes such as linear split levels and bungalows. White and gray stones are the most popular contemporary stones, but the key to this look is laying them horizontally.


A traditional craftsman may not seem like the type of home to update with stone, but Oklahoma stone veneer will enhance the details on any house. You can choose a more rustic look or give the house some modern touches.

Italian Villa

If you want more than an accent of stone, a traditional Italian Villa might be your style. Dating back to ancient Rome, Villas and Tuscan design incorporates masonry and stonework. This type of aesthetic typically combines different colors with irregular shapes to provide a natural aesthetic.


You might think about wood when you hear the term farmhouse. A modern farmhouse, however, will beautifully blend the two materials together. For a more traditional look, use earth tones, or stick with creams and grays for a more contemporary style.

Given the types of exterior house stone available, the possibilities for improving your home are endless. If you have any questions about upgrading your home’s exterior, please contact us. Our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help you find a stone that will match your style and fit your project’s requirements.

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