An Oklahoma stone patio is a fantastic way to make the most of your outdoor space. A patio is ideal for lounging, grilling, spas, etc. Not only are they timeless and beautiful, but they also have the durability that lasts. Before moving forward, you will want to answer the question: “How much does a stone patio cost?”. Of course, this answer will vary depending on several different factors.

How Much Does a Stone Patio Cost?

Patio Type

A natural stone patio is typically created in two ways. You can make it with simple pavers, or it can be a finished patio with grouted stone. Pavers use sand as a cushion and to fill in the gaps. A grouted patio requires mortar, which is more polished looking. The stone patio installation cost for pavers will typically be less than grouted stone.


Square footage affects the cost to install stone patios. The size of an Oklahoma stone patio will determine the excavation, amount of stone, and labor. For example, a small patio for relaxing and gathering is typically 150 sq ft. Cooking and eating will require closer to 400 sq ft. A natural stone patio costs more as the size increases.

Average Cost of Stone Patios

The average cost of stone patios will vary by location. The average amount on the national scale is $1,267 to $1,658. Of course, this price will go up or down depending on your material and labor cost in your area, as well as the location and size of the job.

Other factors that may affect the natural stone patio cost include:

  • Access to the worksite
  • Drainage
  • Base material
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity

A simple patio will be closer to the national average. The cost to install stone patios goes up with enhancements such as installing plumbing or electricity. Difficulty reaching the worksite and extra excavation to improve drainage will also increase the cost of installation.

If you are planning on adding a natural stone patio, please contact us. We have a selection of perfect stones for creating long-lasting patios that retain their appeal over time. We invite you to look at the stones in our showroom and choose your favorite.

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