How to Lay a Stone Patio

Nothing matches the beauty of a natural stone patio. Learn how to lay a stone patio and enjoy relaxing in a natural environment. Not only will you have a beautiful entertaining space, but you will also increase the value of your home.

Before you begin laying a patio, you need to visit a local building stone supplier to choose the best stone for your patio and tips on how to lay patio stone. You will want a stone that can handle high traffic and weather, such as bluestone flooring.

Laying a Patio

  • Mark out the shape and size of your patio and take measurements.
  • Order enough one-inch-thick stone to cover the area.
  • Dig out the space for your patio carefully. Begin at the perimeter, removing all of the sod or soil in the patio area. The area must be level.
  • Fill the space with at least four inches of gravel (base material).
  • Cover with two to three inches of sand. If the patio is not covered, use gravel instead.
  • Place, screed in the space. These are pieces of lumber that are three feet apart. Place rake the gravel smooth and straight. You can use a piece of lumber to rake it if necessary.
  • Once the gravel is flattened, tamp it down so that it is smooth. A plate compactor will speed up the process, and they are easy to find for rent.
  • Begin laying patio stones at the corner of the patio. You might want to use a ​square corner​to keep everything straight.
  • Use a trowel, mallet, and level as you are laying patio stones to make sure that they are evenly spaced and level.
  • You will need a masonry blade if you need to cut or shape any of your stones.
  • Once you have the stone laid, use sand to grout the space.
  • Pack the sand into the joints and sweep off any excess.

These steps are the basics of how to lay patio stone. By using the best materials and tools available, you will be able to create the natural stone patio of your dreams. Get started by visiting a local stone supplier today.

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