If you are looking for a quality building material that is attractive, timeless, and made to last, natural Oklahoma stone is the best choice. Oklahoma sandstone is a versatile and durable choice that is perfect for building projects, pavers, and more.

The Properties of Sandstone

Building stones need to have specific characteristics to be suitable for construction. The physical properties of sandstone make it ideal for creating commercial and residential projects.

  • Hardness – Sandstone is a 6 to 7 on Mohs Scale.
  • Compressive Strength – The compressive strength, which is the ability to hold weight, is 95.00 N/mm2.
  • Specific Gravity – The density of the stone is its specific gravity. Sandstone has a specific gravity of up to 2.8 g/cm.
  • Heat Resistance – Sandstone has a heat capacity of .92kJ/Kg K, which helps protect it from heat, pressure, and impact.
  • Sandstone is more porous than some other materials, but that makes it naturally slip-resistant. It is perfect for pools, bathrooms, or other water-heavy areas.


The Uses of Oklahoma Sandstone

Outdoor Use

You might think of sandstone as a material that belongs outdoors. You will find it in gardens, pools, retaining walls, OKC stone and rock decorations, or flooring stone. So many people choose this Oklahoma stone for outdoor use because it has the strength and durability to withstand the severe weather we inevitably encounter in Oklahoma. Manufactured materials typically cannot compare to sandstone and will need to be repaired or replaced frequently. It is this strength and durability that make sandstone an excellent building stone.

Construction Use

Sandstone has a long history in building construction. In fact, the ancient city of Petra is hand-carved sandstone. Thousands of years later, you can still see ornate details on the red treasury building.

Today, sandstone remains an important building material in Oklahoma and throughout the world. As you can see in the picture above, you can easily use sandstone to construct walls capable of bearing heavy loads. The Eufala Tumbled sandstone makes up the pillars, entrance, and the base of the exterior walls of this home.

Not only will sandstone stand the test of time, but it also complements any look or style. Sandstone is highly versatile, thanks to the various colors that appear from the minerals and other elements included in the formation of this sedimentary rock. You will typically see sandstone in shades of yellow, tan, brown, red, gray, and buff. However, you can find other colors, such as green, black, and pink.

Indoor Use

Sandstone is perfect for decorative OKC stone and rock, flooring, walls, and more. The texture of sandstone helps prevent slips and spills, which is why you see it used as flooring. This same texture creates depth on feature walls and other indoor spaces. You will even find sandstone countertops, lighting, and applications.

If you have any questions about sandstone or any of our other building stones, please reach out or visit our showroom to see our selection in person. We will be happy to help you find everything you need.


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