Deciding which materials to use for your projects can be a tough decision. There are so many options available, and it can be difficult to know which one will offer the best value and quality. As such, many homeowners and business owners find themselves torn between artificial and natural rock and stone OKC.

Although artificial and natural stones can seem similar, many differences can impact the durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal of your project.

4 Key Differences Between Natural and Artificial Rock and Stone OKC


Artificial stone is entirely man-made from a mix of different materials, including concrete. This mixture is then pressed into different molds to give the stone its shape and dyed to give it color. However, natural stones, such as limestone, are formed in nature over hundreds of years and are quarried from various formations.

Appearance and Beauty

The beauty of natural Oklahoma stone is unmatched. Natural stones like sandstone and bluestone have unique color variations and patterning that do not fade over time and add eye-catching detail to any space. However, artificial stone is dyed and painted to look natural but lacks all natural stone’s remarkable qualities. Plus, the beauty of artificial stone is short-lived, as the coloring fades over time.


The strength of natural stone is much greater than that of artificial stone. Natural stone can withstand outdoor elements, like rain, snow, and extreme heat, without cracking or chipping. Likewise, its porous texture means it looks beautiful even in areas with frequent moisture or heavy traffic, such as flooring or pool coping. Because artificial stone is man-made, its strength depends on what materials were used and who manufactured it; its strength is not as dependable as that of natural stone.

Monetary Value

If you have shopped for both artificial and natural stone, you probably noticed the difference in pricing. Artificial stone tends to have a lower monetary value because it is often mass-produced from lower-grade materials. On the other hand, natural stone has a higher initial price point because it is an entirely natural, high-quality building material that is long-lasting. Even though you pay more upfront with natural OKC stone, it is less likely to fade, crack, or need to be replaced than artificial stone.

Rows of natural stone at warehouse

How Can You Tell Artificial and Natural Oklahoma Stone Apart?

In some cases, it can be challenging to determine if a stone is natural or artificial. As such, here are some characteristics to look for when examining stone. You can tell the stone is artificially made when:

Every Stone Has Identical Coloring and Texture

Artificial rock and stone OKC is made to look identical across every slab, from its shade and various striations to its texture. Natural stone, however, will vary slightly between each slab because of how it is formed.

The Stone Is Noticeably Lighter

Artificial stone usually is lighter and less dense than natural stone. You will be able to feel the difference when working with artificial versus natural stone.

The Price Tag Is Lower Than Expected

Artificial stone usually has a lower price than natural stone. However, it is best to research before visiting a stone supplier to better understand the price differences between artificial and natural stones.

Natural OKC Stone From Your Trusted Stone Supplier

The benefits of natural stone make it an ideal choice for an array of projects. Natural stone is a gorgeous material that can elevate any project, from indoor flooring and feature walls to an outdoor fireplace surround and luxurious pool coping.

If you are torn between artificial and natural stone, visit a trusted supplier like Richburg Stone for guidance. Our inventory includes various kinds of natural stone, from sandstone and limestone to stunning bluestone. We can help you determine the best Oklahoma stone for your project. Please visit our showroom to view our natural stones, or please reach out if you have any questions. We would love to be a part of your project.


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