Incorporating natural stone Oklahoma pavers into your landscaping will create a charming and functional outdoor space for your home or business. Unfortunately, weeds will always try to invade any openings between pavers.

If you hire professionals to construct your project, they will know how to stop weeds from growing between pavers. Of course, you may decide to build landscaping features yourself. If that is the case, it helps to know how to prevent weed growth between paving stones.

The Best Method of How to Prevent Weeds in Pavers

Any stone expert who knows how to stop weeds from growing between pavers will tell you that the process begins before the first paving stone is laid. You will not have to worry about removing weeds from pavers later on if you properly install the paving stones, which involves:

  • Paying attention to sloping.
  • Starting on a good foundation.
  • Maintaining the finished project.


Before installing your paving stones, make sure that the area is correctly sloped. This step will ensure that water does not remain below the stones, which keeps weeds from thriving. Using the correct slope is the key in how to prevent weeds in pavers.


Another key step is creating a good foundation. Your paving stone project should have a thick sand bed beneath it. In addition to preventing unwanted plant growth, this will increase the overall stability of your project by making it more level.


The steps of how to keep weeds out of pavers do not end after installing the stones. Proper maintenance is essential. Make sure to regularly sweep the walkway, patio, or other projects to prevent seeds from making their way down and taking root.

If erosion begins affecting your stone pavers, fill in the empty gaps with sand. This step is only necessary when certain stone types are used. Utilizing high-quality limestone, sandstone, or bluestone for your project will take away the risk of erosion.

4 More Methods for Removing Weeds from Pavers

If an existing paving stone feature at your home or business is currently struggling with weed growth, it helps to know more methods for preventing it. Four additional methods of how to keep weeds out of pavers are:

  1. Pulling Them: You can pull weeds with tools or by hand. This method is effective but time-consuming. For the best results, try to remove the entire weed, including its roots.
  2. Natural Ingredients: There are many natural remedies that aid in weed removal, including saltwater, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, and baking soda. Before using any natural ingredients, make sure that they will not harm your pavers.
  3. Hot Water: Another method for removing weeds is pouring boiling water onto them. If you do this, be very careful to ensure that none of the hot water splashes on you.
  4. Herbicide: Of course, weeds can be removed using a weed killer. Use caution if you use herbicide, as it could also remove plants that you want to keep.


Where to Buy Natural Stone Oklahoma Pavers

Paving stone landscaping features are excellent options for any outdoor space. Get in touch or visit our Oklahoma City showroom to see our selection of high-quality natural paving stones.

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