There are many methods of how to make a natural stone walkway. A handset path is the best choice when learning how to build a stone walkway. Before learning how to lay a stone path, decide on your stone supplies in OKC. Flat natural stones that are 2 to 3 inches thick are the best choice. Use colors and textures that coordinate with your house and yard.


The first step of how to make a stone path is to mark the walkway. Tie a string to wooden stakes to mark a straight path. Mark a curved path with ropes or hoses. Lay out your stone supplies in OKC to decide where each stone will go.


Remove all plants from the marked off area. Dig down 5 inches and flatten the area. An optional step of how to make a stone path is to add edging at this time. If edging is not used, the surrounding grass and soil should keep everything in place.

Landscape Fabric

An important step of how to make a natural stone walkway is to lay landscape fabric. Lay the fabric along the path using as few pieces as possible. Secure it in place and trim the edges.


Before you begin the process of how to lay a stone path, you need to add a sand base. Smooth and level two inches of sand over the fabric. Spray the sand with water to compact it.


Place the stones, and alternate size, shape, and color. Leave small gaps if filling with sand or gravel. Leave 2-inch gaps if you will add plants. Set each stone, so it is stable and level with the rest; remove or add sand to do this. Finally, use a rubber mallet to pound the stones into the sand.

Fill Gaps

The final step of how to build a stone walkway is to fill the gaps. Use a broom to spread sand or gravel. Spray water to settle the filler, then refill the gaps and repeat until it is filled. Fill with soil if you are adding plants. When planting, dig until you reach sand, place the plant, and refill.

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