The warmer months are the perfect time for working on outdoor projects to create a relaxing retreat in your yard. Although the winter season is months away, now is the perfect time to prepare your outdoor living space for the colder months. One way to continue enjoying time outdoors during the winter season is by adding a natural stone Oklahoma firepit.

What is a Firepit Used For?

Of course, before you decide to add this useful feature to your outdoor living space, it helps to know the answer to “what is a firepit used for?” Much like an outdoor fireplace:

  • A firepit is used as a source of warmth.
  • It can act as a relaxing gathering place.
  • They are perfect for cooking outdoor foods.

If you decide that a firepit is the right choice for you, there are two essential questions that you need to answer before moving forward in the construction process:

  • Can I have a fire in my backyard?”
  • “Can you have a firepit in your backyard?”

While these questions are very similar, it is important to consider the answers to both.

Can You Have a Firepit in Your Backyard?

The laws and restrictions regarding outdoor fire features depend on the state and the city, so the answer primarily depends on your location. For example, some areas may allow fireplaces but not firepits.

The best source to answer the question of “can I have a fire in my backyard?” is your local government. Before building a firepit, check in with your local government’s zoning office. They will let you know if firepits are allowed and if you need permits to move forward with the project.

Once you know whether you can have a firepit in your backyard, you can select your materials. As with many other outdoor projects, the best material for a firepit is natural stone.

10 Reasons to Build a Natural Stone Oklahoma Firepit

  1. They are inviting – Use these to create a natural stone lounge area with modern or rustic charm that will make everyone feel welcome.
  2. They are always fun – Firepits are excellent gathering places. Use one to light up an event, even when the weather is mild.
  3. Expand your socializing – People are naturally drawn to fire. It creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that encourages conversation and connection.
  4. They are versatile – You can install a firepit nearly anywhere, including on a patio, in a small yard, or on a large property.
  5. Expand an outdoor kitchen – By adding grill grates and using sturdy, stainless steel cookware, your firepit can be the perfect place to cook.
  6. They set an atmosphere – The time is not always right to light a fire inside, but your firepit can always be the perfect way to set a mood.
  7. They are safe – Like any other fire feature, firepits are safe when responsibly used. Maintain fire safety guidelines to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time.
  8. They are affordable – You can create firepits in different sizes. A firepit made with high-quality natural stone is more affordable than you may think.
  9. They add value – Like many other outdoor upgrades, a well-made Oklahoma stone firepit will add value to your property.
  10. They are durable – Stone is a strong and durable building material. Your firepit will look beautiful in its surroundings and last for years.

When it comes to customizable outdoor features, a natural stone firepit is always an excellent choice. If you need help selecting the best Oklahoma stone for an impressive firepit, please contact us or visit our showroom.


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