A key part of designing and constructing a building is selecting the right materials. Natural Oklahoma stone is an ideal material for a range of interior and exterior projects because of its versatility, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and ability to contribute monetary value wherever it is used. One stone selection that is a particularly good choice for both residential and commercial building construction is sandstone.

The Key Qualities of Oklahoma Sandstone

Natural stone is used for building construction and decorative projects because of its many innate qualities that go beyond its design versatility and visual appeal. High-end sandstone from reliable Oklahoma stone quarries will have all of the necessary factors that make it the best choice for building construction:

A Unique Appearance

When selecting a material to incorporate into a structure’s interior or exterior, the way it looks will likely have a significant impact on your decision. Sandstone is known for its visually pleasing appearance. This stone’s color palette ranges across tans, grays, pinks, browns, and more. Additionally, it can be cut into various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, ensuring that there is an ideal option for any space.

The Right Texture and Porosity

One of this stone’s most notable features is its unique texture. This quality contributes to Oklahoma sandstone’s visual appeal, as different colors shine through as light reflects off of its graining. The texture also has a practical use, as it makes the stone more slip-resistant. Sandstone’s porosity percentage also contributes to its slip resistance, making it an ideal stone to use for flooring and walkways.

High Strength and Density

Sandstone’s strength and density help make it an ideal material for building construction and decorative updates. A stone’s compressive strength measures its ability to hold weight; sandstone’s is 95.00 N/mm2. A stone’s density is shown by its specific gravity; sandstone measures at 2.8 g/cm. As such, any commercial or residential structure built with this quality material is sure to stand the test of time.

Ease of Maintenance

One reason why natural stone is so appealing is its ease of maintenance. Because it is formed in nature, stone can withstand a range of harsh weather conditions without cracking or chipping. This material is also hard; sandstone has a rating between 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale, meaning that it can handle wear and tear. Additionally, sandstone requires only minimal regular cleaning to stay beautiful.

Quality Materials from the Best Oklahoma Stone Quarries

Whether you are planning a large construction project or a few decorative updates, using the best materials available is essential. By utilizing quality stone, you can ensure that each new feature will look and perform its best in the long term. As a leading supplier of natural stone, our selection includes a range of high-end materials that are ideal for building construction and decoration, including sandstone.

The quality materials from Richburg Stone can help make your next commercial or residential project a success. To start finding your ideal Oklahoma stone, please browse our website, visit our Oklahoma City showroom, or contact us.


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