If you are in the market for decorative stone OKC, you have the choice between manufactured and natural stone Oklahoma. The sustainable and durable option for any project is always natural stone. Here are a few ways natural stone is a sustainable material.

Why Natural Stone Oklahoma?

It Comes from the Earth

When you buy natural stone, you are choosing a product that does not require dangerous chemicals or toxins to create. Natural decorative stone OKC already comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures that do not need artificial treatments. Stone is always beautiful on its own. As a result, no harmful particles are released into the environment.

It Will Last

Natural stone Oklahoma is an extremely durable building material. Unlike manufactured stones, you do not need to worry about the color chipping off or the stone breaking. There is no need to replace them after a short period of time. Natural stone can survive the Oklahoma weather well, reducing the need to continually purchase new material. Your decorative stone OKC will look attractive for years to come, protecting both your bank account and the environment.

It Is Low Maintenance

Since it is a long-lived product, stone requires little beyond basic care and cleaning. Stone is a low-maintenance material that is relatively easy to keep clean with sweeping and dusting. Most stones only need mild detergent and water to remove debris and spots.

It Can Be Reused

If you have a stone project you do not like, such as a poorly constructed fire pit, you can always take it apart and rework the stones into something else, thanks to their strength and durability. If you do not have a current project in the works, you can hold onto the stones. Recycling stones is a great way to practice sustainability.


Oklahoma has excellent local quarries that provide many of our quality stones, which means we are not shipping products from across the globe. Additionally, there is a shorter delivery time and distance when you purchase stones from a local supplier. This saves on your cost as well as greenhouse gases.

Minimize Waste

Thanks to the sustainability practices that many quarries use, the industry is becoming even greener. Quarries are using less water and reducing their impact on the environment. In addition, it is easier to cut down stones to the shape and size that you want, which will reduce waste in orders.

If you do end up with more stones than necessary, don’t worry. Their versatility makes them ideal for other projects. For example, you could use extra stones from a patio in your garden. The choice is up to you.

If sustainability is something you care about, the best choice for you is natural stone Oklahoma. At Richburg Stone, we only carry the best natural stones. If you have any questions or you would like to visit and see our selection in person, please contact us. We are ready to help you find the perfect stone to complete your project.


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