Whether you are updating your home or constructing a new commercial building, making the right interior design choices will contribute to the success of the entire project. From your furniture and modern stone Oklahoma details to your lighting fixtures and wall decor, each feature should help you make the right impression.

To bring your interior design updates to life, it is essential to choose the right materials. As such, before adding a material to your home or commercial space, consider its:

  • Appearance. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Does it fit with your desired design style?
  • Weight. Can the material support the feature? This is especially important for flooring.
  • Durability and strength. Will the material last? Will you have to make frequent repairs?
  • Texture and porosity. Is it slip-resistant? This is essential for most bathroom updates.

Because of its many characteristics, including its longevity and unique visual appeal, natural OKC stone tends to be a better option than artificial alternatives. It is also important to select the best stone before making interior updates.

Choosing Your Ideal Modern Stone Oklahoma

The best natural rock OKC selection for a wide range of interior features include:


This stone is known for its strength, longevity, and beauty. Limestone is a versatile material that can be used for various projects. It is available across a range of neutral palettes – from whites and creams to dark browns and grays – ensuring that there is an ideal option for any space.


This material is easily dressed, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Much of sandstone’s popularity is due to its color palette; various shades of yellow, pink, tan, gray, and more shine through in its unique graining. This quality also gives it a slip-resistant texture, contributing to its usability.


Named for its unique color palette, this stone makes a bold impact wherever it is used. In addition to adding blues and grays to your home’s interior, bluestone features will benefit from its natural durability and slip-resistant texture. This material is also well-known for its versatility.

Incorporating OKC Stone Into Interior Design


Whether you are updating your home or creating the ideal space for your business, a grand entryway will help you make a great first impression. Stone flooring and feature walls are a beautiful addition.

Open Areas

Consider incorporating stone into your home’s living room or your business’s guest areas and conference rooms. A stone fireplace or feature wall will add a unique focal point, while stone flooring provides both form and functionality.


Stone details can transform a regular bathroom or restroom into a spa-like oasis. In addition to being a slip-resistant flooring option, natural stone is an ideal material for your countertops and feature walls.


Quality natural materials will make any space feel more luxurious, including kitchens. Durable and low-maintenance selections are perfect for flooring, feature walls, countertops, and islands. Some stones are also heat resistant.

Your Source for Quality Stone and Rock OKC

At Richburg Stone, we supply a range of high-end materials that are ideal for interior design. To view our quality limestone, sandstone, and bluestone, please browse our website or visit our Oklahoma City showroom. We are sure to have a beautiful option for your home or commercial space.


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