A beautifully designed and well-constructed Oklahoma stone patio can transform an ordinary yard into a unique outdoor living space. In addition to creating the perfect place to relax and gather, this outdoor feature will boost your landscape’s visual appeal and potentially increase your home’s overall value. Of course, to benefit the most from a new patio, it is important to use the right materials.

Some of the most popular materials used for patios are clay bricks, concrete, or rock and stone OKC. Because natural stone is known for its strength, durability, and beauty, it is the best option for the majority of patio projects. Many landscape design and construction experts choose quality flagstones when constructing patios.

Why Flagstones are Best for Oklahoma Stone Patios

As a large and flat stone with a slightly rough surface, flagstone is an ideal material for a range of exterior projects. Many stone varieties are included under the term “flagstone,” so there are nearly endless possibilities in terms of stone colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Because of this, any patio can benefit from the natural strength, durability, and timeless beauty of quality flagstone pavers.

Designing Your Rock and Stone OKC Patio

In terms of patio design and construction, one of the most significant benefits of using flagstone is its versatility:

Selecting Your Ideal Stone

As a leading supplier, the selection at Richburg Stone features a range of high-end materials from the best Oklahoma stone quarries. Our flagstone selection includes the most popular varieties of limestone, sandstone, and bluestone. To determine which is best for your outdoor living space, consider:

  1. 1. Your home’s exterior design style.
  2. 2. Your personal design style.
  3. 3. The features you want to add to the patio.
  4. 4. The features currently in your landscape.
  5. 5. Your future landscaping plans.

Considering these can ensure that your flagstone selection will beautifully transform your landscape while staying cohesive with the rest of your home.

Choosing Your Paver Shapes

Flagstones can be cut into specific shapes and sizes. For a more natural look, patio construction experts may use stone pavers with a free-flowing irregular shape. Stones that are cut into squares and rectangles can provide a more structured look. Depending on your design style, you can also use a combination of shaped and irregular pavers.

Installing Your Stone Patio

Further customization can come from the laying and filling methods used for your patio. Depending on your landscape and the planned patio design, the flagstone pavers can be set in concrete or compact gravel. For a softer look, a gravel-set patio can then be filled with sand, allowing groundcover plants to grow through the area.

Quality Materials from Oklahoma Stone Quarries

While flagstone is always an excellent choice for patios, it is also important to source this material from the right place. At Richburg Stone, our stone selections are from the best quarries in the area, so your beautiful new patio stones will come with a guarantee of strength and durability. Browse our selection online or visit our showroom to find the perfect stone for your outdoor living space.


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