If you are preparing to construct a new residential or commercial space, Oklahoma building stone is an ideal addition to the structure. This material has been a long-time favorite of design and construction experts because of its many qualities. Of course, to ensure that your project can benefit from those attributes, it is essential to select the right stone.

Knowing what properties to look for in a natural Oklahoma stone can help you choose the best material for your home or commercial space.

A Good Oklahoma Building Stone Will:

Be Strong and Durable

Your building stone will be put under pressure from outside sources and its own weight. As such, whether this material is used for flooring or feature walls, it must be strong enough to handle that load. Additionally, it must be durable enough to handle frequent use and withstand damage from the elements.

Have an Ideal Porosity Percentage

Whether a natural stone is inside or outside, it will likely be exposed to moisture at some point. If a stone’s porosity percentage is too high, it may take in too much water. If that water freezes, it can lead to cracks, compromising the stone’s integrity. Often, it is best to select a material with a porosity of 10% or lower.

Have the Right Specific Gravity

Heavier building stones tend to have higher levels of strength and durability. As such, when selecting your material, consider its specific gravity. This measurement is also known as “relative density.” The best rock and stone Oklahoma City selections tend to have a specific gravity between 2.4 and 2.8.

Be Visually Appealing

You will probably see your stone features every day, so it is important that you like the material’s appearance. Your selection should have a color, pattern, shape, and texture that fits your design preferences and your project’s architectural style. A beautiful stone selection can increase curb appeal and property value.

Be Readily Available

For your entire construction process to go smoothly, it is essential that you have an adequate amount of your chosen material available. To ensure that this occurs, try to select a stone that is naturally abundant in your area. Additionally, it can be beneficial to source your materials from a local stone supplier.

Quality Selections of Oklahoma Stone

Three natural materials that meet these criteria, and are thus an ideal building stone option for commercial and residential spaces, are limestone, sandstone, and bluestone. Each of these is known for its high level of strength and its overall longevity. Additionally, these stones are available in a range of colors and patterns and are capable of being cut into different sizes without losing any integrity.

Your Source for Rock and Stone Oklahoma City

Richburg Stone is a leading supplier of quality materials for decorative and construction projects. If you are looking for high-end, beautiful natural stones, please browse our selections online or visit our Oklahoma City showroom. Our expert staff is prepared to answer any questions you may have about our limestones, sandstones, and bluestones.


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