Using the right Oklahoma building stone is essential for any project, whether you are building a new structure, remodeling a building, or adding details with decorative rock and stone OKC. To determine which Oklahoma stone OKC to use for your project, it helps to know which stones are the most popular. You should also know what qualities to look for in a building stone.

Popular Oklahoma Stone OKC Types


This sedimentary rock is popular due to its strength, durability, and beauty. It is used for a variety of projects, including pavements, flooring, and roofing. Limestone is versatile, ideal for high-traffic areas, and an overall classic and timeless choice. Its ease of workability often requires experts for the best results.


This sedimentary rock is easily dressed and aesthetically pleasing. It is popularly used in paving and for ornamental works, including facings and carvings. Sandstone is durable, workable, holds water well, and comes in various unique colors. Some varieties are not as hard as others, so make sure to work with a quality stone supplier.


This igneous rock is hard, durable, and pretty. It is used for bridge components, columns, retaining walls, and more. Although it withstands high weathering, granite is expensive, must be frequently resealed, and has low fire resistance.


This metamorphic rock is easily cut and carved. It is used for facings, floorings, and ornamental purposes. While it is easy to work with, marble is expensive to maintain. It requires special care to keep its visual appeal.


This metamorphic rock is durable and used in the same way as granite. It is dense, heavy, and resistant to damage. Quartzite is not easily workable, and cannot be used in ornamental works due to being brittle.

Essential Oklahoma Building Stone Qualities

Each project has unique needs that its building stone must meet. When selecting a stone, consider its:


If you do not like your project’s appearance, you will likely not be satisfied with it. Select stones that fit your style and plans for the project. Consider the stone’s composition so you can determine how it will look over time.


If stone is your primary building material, it needs to have a high weight to support the entire structure. Stones used for landscaping do not have to be as heavy, but they still need to have significant weight to outlast the elements.

Durability and Strength

Your stone must be durable to ensure the project’s long-term success. It is also important for a building stone to have high compressive strength. These factors will ensure that your project can withstand severe weather, like high winds and earthquakes.

Hardness and Toughness

A building stone needs to be hard and tough to last through the wear and tear of regular use. If your building stone does not have these qualities, the project could lose some of its longevity and appeal due to damage.

Absorption and Porosity

When selecting a stone, make sure that it has low absorption and porosity. This is especially important for outdoor projects or those in rooms with high moisture, like bathrooms or kitchens. Porous stones absorb water and fumes, which can gradually destroy them.

Choosing the Right Construction and Decorative Stone OKC

For various Oklahoma stone OKC projects, including new construction, remodels, and decoration, the best building material selections are limestone and sandstone. These stones are excellent choices for general building works and in fire-resistant masonry for fireplaces and fire pits.

At Richburg Stone, we have a variety of high-quality limestone and sandstone. Contact us or visit our showroom to find the best stone for your next project.

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