The materials you use for your residential or commercial project should be of the highest quality. As such, Oklahoma bluestone is a popular material due to its beauty, strength, and versatility. Although it has been used for hundreds of years, many do not know the background behind its formation.

What Is Bluestone?

Bluestone is a type of sedimentary rock that was formed over millions of years. According to the New York Conservationist, its formation dates back to the Devonian Period, nearly 400 million years ago. In the United States, most bluestone is found in Pennsylvania and New York, which is why it is often referred to as New York bluestone Oklahoma City. Sand, rocky deposits, and a diverse collection of other minerals are compacted together to become stunning stones with unique coloring and striations.

As a result of the erosion of the Acadian Mountains, rivers carried away sediment and deposited it into an ancient sea, creating deposits of rock known as the Catskill Delta Formation. Bluestone was formed from sand deposits in the river beds. It is usually not found in full blankets of stone, as the shifting rivers moved the sand, creating smaller deposits of bluestone throughout the landscape.

Is Bluestone A Reliable Material?

Due to its formation process, Oklahoma bluestone is a reliable material for residential and commercial building projects. It has several benefits for homeowners and builders, making it a popular selection.

Range of Colors

Bluestone is a versatile material for many design aesthetics. It comes in stunning shades of blue and grey, so it is the perfect modern stone Oklahoma for a clean, neutral aesthetic. However, for a pop of color in your space, bluestone also dotes unique colors like green, brown, and even purple. The natural colors of bluestone are resistant to fading, so it will maintain the same beautiful coloring for years to come.

Withstand Wear

Its ability to withstand wear and tear is a significant benefit to using bluestone for your project. Bluestone is dense and durable, so it is not prone to frequent cracking or chipping. It has the level of porosity needed to withstand extreme temperatures and moisture. If you use bluestone for your flooring, the porosity also helps it withstand heavy foot traffic. As an added benefit, bluestone requires very little maintenance to keep it looking new.

Flexibility in Design

New York bluestone Oklahoma City allows homeowners and designers flexibility when renovating or building onto a space. Although strong and durable, bluestone is still soft enough to cut into various shapes and sizes. This makes it an ideal material for an array of projects, such as outdoor patios, pool coping, wall features, and more.

Stunning Bluestone in Oklahoma City

Bluestone is a beautiful material formed from a unique and natural process. Its many benefits make it a premium choice for many searching for modern stone Oklahoma. At Richburg Stone, we have a stunning selection of gorgeous natural stones, including New York bluestone. Visit our showroom to see our bluestone for yourself, and please reach out if you have any questions.


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