When it comes to Oklahoma building stone, you need a product that has the strength and durability to last but can also be cut for decorative stone OKC. Marble, for example, is not the best Oklahoma stone OKC for building. Most high-quality building stones are limestone or sandstone.

Types of Oklahoma Building Stone

Both limestone and sandstone are staples in Oklahoma architecture. For example, the First National Bank and Trust above is built with Richburg Stone’s Cedar Cut sandstone.

What Is Limestone?

A sedimentary rock, calcium carbonate is the dominant component of limestone. Fossilized remains create most of the calcium carbonate in limestone. Magnesium carbonate and other minerals may also be present, which has an effect on the color and texture of the Oklahoma stone OKC.

Limestone is not the hardest rock, making it possible for quarries to cut and shape for building and decorative stone Oklahoma projects. Its crushing strength, however, can be up to 180 MPa, which is stronger than concrete. Its strength and durability make limestone the ideal building material.

What Is Sandstone?

Sandstone is also a sedimentary rock, but it is not formed exactly like limestone. The name comes from the grains of sand and minerals from rock fragments that come together to make the stone. Since sandstone is made from these tiny particles, it often has a unique texture.

Sandstone does not have a crushing strength quite as high as limestone, but it can go up to170 MPa. Sandstone is slightly harder, having a 6 or 7 on Moh’s Scale, which makes it a beautiful and practical Oklahoma building stone.

Why Limestone and Sandstone?

Limestone and sandstone are perfect for building. They have the strength and durability to last without deteriorating the way other materials do. Additionally, they have the toughness to weather constant use, making them perfect for flooring, fireplaces, and patios.

In addition to the strength and durability, limestone and sandstone come in a variety of color options, which means they complement any aesthetic. From browns, grays, and yellows to buffs and blue, there is something for everyone.


One of the great benefits of sandstone is the maintenance or lack of maintenance, to be more specific. Both stones handle the changing temperatures in Oklahoma well, and they do not require frequent repairs. They will maintain their color over time, which means that you do not need to worry about repainting or touching up worn spots in the future.

Not only will building stones outlast other construction materials, but they will retain their beauty with little upkeep. They do not stain easily and typically only need dirt and debris removed to maintain their natural charm. No building material is as hassle-free as stone.

Richburg Stone has been part of Oklahoma’s growth since 1932. After all these years, we are proud to continue supplying the best building stone to our clients. Whether you are working on residential or commercial projects, our team would be happy to help you find the perfect stone. Please get in touch with us or visit our showroom to view our selection in person.


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