Builders, designers, and landscapers frequently utilize Oklahoma blue stone, limestone, and sandstone because these materials have many useful qualities. In particular, these materials are popular for exterior projects.

When adding any feature to your outdoor living space, such as an Oklahoma stone patio, walkway, or pool coping, using the best pavers for the project is essential. Your choice should be strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Why Use Stone Pavers?

The materials most often used for pavers are natural stone, concrete, and brick. Due to its benefits and qualities, many professionals choose to work with natural stone pavers over alternative paver materials.

The qualities of natural stone pavers include:

  • Strength: natural stone pavers are sturdy and have a high load-bearing capacity.
  • Durability: stone pavers are unlikely to crumble or crack.
  • Cost-effectiveness: the wide variety of natural stones ensures that there is a perfect option for any budget.
  • Low maintenance: any project professionally constructed with quality natural stone will be low maintenance.
  • Beauty: bluestone, limestone, and sandstone features will make an outdoor living space more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Design flexibility: the range of available natural stone paver sizes and shapes allows for unique designs.
  • Unique: natural stone’s beauty can not be fully replicated by artificial materials.
  • Safety-conscious: bluestone, limestone, and sandstone have naturally slip-resistant textures.
  • Longevity: because natural stone is created to last, it can handle the elements and regular use.

When selecting a paver stone for your outdoor living space, the best options are bluestone, limestone, and sandstone. Each of these stones is a variety of flagstone.

What is Flagstone?

Flagstone is a highly versatile type of stone that works for nearly any landscaping project. There are various types of flagstone (including bluestone, limestone, and sandstone), so there is sure to be a perfect selection for your design style. This material is sturdy, durable, slip-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing.

Oklahoma Blue Stone, Limestone, and Sandstone Pavers

When you utilize Oklahoma blue stone, limestone, or sandstone pavers in your outdoor living space, you will have a wide variety of paver styles to choose from.

Shaped Flagstone Pavers

Each of these flagstone varieties can be cut into squares or rectangles. This will allow your project to have a more uniform and tailored appearance.

Irregular Flagstone Pavers

These flagstone varieties can also be left in more irregular and natural shapes. This option is an excellent choice for more freestyle design projects.

Mixed Flagstone Pavers

Utilizing a combination of shaped and irregular pavers will give your landscaping project a highly unique appearance. Using mixed paver shapes is useful in smaller or unusually shaped areas.

Flagstone Paver Installation Styles

While the variety of available flagstone shapes allows for high levels of customization, the method of laying and filling the stones will add the perfect finishing touch to your Oklahoma stone patio. Depending on the desired appearance of the landscaping features, your bluestone, limestone, or sandstone pavers can be set in concrete or compact gravel.

Materials for Your Oklahoma Stone Patio

For your landscaping project to be a success, it is important to use the right materials. At Richburg Stone, our selection of flagstone pavers features strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing stones. Get in touch or visit our showroom to find the perfect bluestone, limestone, or sandstone pavers for your outdoor living space.

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