If you are in the market for swimming pool stones in OKC, there is much to consider. As a pool stone Oklahoma City supplier, we know the beauty and value that natural limestone brings to any home. Unlike marble, limestone is extremely durable and requires little upkeep. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors and finishes that will suit the style of any home.

Choosing Pool Stone Oklahoma City

When it comes to choosing pool stone Oklahoma City, there are several topics to think about. You want stone that is safe, long-lasting and complements your aesthetic. Keep the following things in mind when choosing swimming pool stones in OKC.


One of the benefits of natural limestone is its porosity. Even if you choose a smooth limestone, the surface of your pool coping will help keep you safe from slips and falls. Other materials present a greater risk when they are wet.

Care and Maintenance

If you want a pool stone that does not require a great deal of maintenance, limestone is one of the best options. All you typically need to do is sweep up debris and rinse it with water. Other stones and materials are not as strong and are more likely to stain and break.

Color Options

If you are investing in pool stone, you want something that is more aesthetically pleasing than plain cement. Fortunately, stone comes in a variety of options, such as off-white, light gray, blue-gray, and earth tones. Choose a stone that matches your home, or use a different color for contrast. Natural stone also has secondary color hues that create depth and character in any outdoor space.

Pattern Choices

When considering your pool stone options, think about the way you would like them installed. Will you go with a traditional pattern, or would you prefer something different like a herringbone. Using a pattern with a basic color scheme will give your pool an extra layer of eye-catching detail. The pattern may help determine which type of stone you choose to purchase for your project.


The size of individual stones will also affect the look of your swimming pool. Stone can be cut into various shapes and sizes to suit the design of your outdoor space. Whether you are adding pool coping or an entire deck, you can save yourself extra work and prevent waste by purchasing stone that is already the size you need.

Hiring Pool Stone Oklahoma City Professionals

There is no point in buying natural stone Oklahoma if it is not installed correctly. Fortunately, there are knowledgeable contractors who have experience working with natural stone. Additionally, stone is not difficult to install when it is done correctly.

Natural swimming pool stone has many benefits. Not only is it slip-resistant, but it also remains cooler on your feet in the summer. Additionally, investing in stone can help increase your property value.

If you have any questions about pool stones, please feel free to reach out. We provide a range of high-quality stones that are ideal for pool coping, decks, or both.


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