If you are designing your new home to be comfortable and functional, you may want to discover the answer to “what is modern farmhouse decorating style?” This popular style features a mix of modern stone Oklahoma design’s angular and function-focused elements with a comfortable and welcoming farmhouse aesthetic.

When it comes to modern farmhouse style decorating, remember that there is an emphasis on balancing the comfort of casual living with contemporary elements. This thoughtful mix is shown in every aspect of a modern farmhouse, from its exterior architecture and building materials to its interior design elements.

Exterior Modern Farmhouse Style Decorating

Similar to modern-style homes and traditional farmhouses, modern farmhouses focus on creating a cohesive flow between a home’s interior and exterior. Natural materials and unique architectural elements help define modern farmhouse exterior design.

Natural Stone

The modern farmhouse style is known for utilizing neutral colors. This focus on natural tones makes modern stone Oklahoma an ideal material choice. Incorporating natural stone into your modern farmhouse’s exterior adds a welcoming warmth. This feature also adds a unique charm that will help your home stand out.


The style’s balance of modern design and farmhouse aesthetics is especially prominent when siding is used next to natural stone. The most popular siding types for modern farmhouses are clapboard and board-and-batten. Clapboard involves slightly overlapping horizontal planks. Board-and-batten involves vertical boards with narrow overlaying strips.

Gable Roofs

One of the most recognizable architectural characteristics of the modern farmhouse style is a gable roof. This roofing style emphasizes a home’s height through its 45-degree pitch. In addition to helping define the style, gable roofs create higher interior ceilings, making the house feel more spacious.

Open Porches

Modern farmhouses are designed to be welcoming gathering places for family and friends. One feature that helps create this comfortable atmosphere is a large and cheery porch. These open porches help solidify the style, especially when made of natural stone.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

You will discover some beautiful interior design ideas when researching “what is modern farmhouse decorating style?” The decorations used will solidify the aesthetic, and the customization options will make everything fit your style. Many modern farmhouse interior design ideas use a clean and simple approach that emphasizes practicality and comfort.

Interior Palette

Modern farmhouse interiors incorporate calming neutral colors to make a home feel light and airy, while natural materials bring unique textures and subtle designs. Combining natural elements with industrial materials creates a modern and sophisticated living space. The cohesive and neutral colors prevent the home from feeling too busy.


A large and open kitchen is often the focal point of a modern farmhouse. These usually feature shaker cabinets, oversized islands, open shelving, and natural stone. Industrial fixtures and farmhouse sinks are particularly popular features that help add a finishing touch to the room.


Instead of using matching furniture sets, these interiors use a carefully curated mix of pieces for a personal touch. Despite the different furniture styles and brands, a cohesive color palette keeps it from becoming overwhelming. The modern farmhouse style balances form and function, so the furniture is big, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.


When selecting decorations, keep in mind that the modern farmhouse style can be compared to warm minimalism. Simple decorations act as finishing touches, and there is a strong emphasis on unique shapes. Industrial light fixtures add an interesting architectural element to any room.

Sourcing Modern Stone Oklahoma

Incorporating natural stone Oklahoma into your home will increase its strength, longevity, and beauty. Contact us or visit our showroom to find the perfect stone for your modern farmhouse.


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