Natural stones from the area make some of the best decorative stone solutions OKC. As a stone supplier that works with the best quarries in the state, Richburg Stone has a vast selection of decorative stone OKC. No matter the project, you cannot go wrong with natural Oklahoma stone.

What Is Decorative Stone OKC?

Decorative stone solutions OKC are typically used for the exterior or landscaping of a home or office building. When you think about decorative stone, gravel, river rock, flagstone, and boulders probably come to mind. In reality, building stones such as limestone and sandstone make excellent decorative stones that create a timeless appeal.

How to Use Decorative Stone

Decorative stone is not just for the flower beds. There are different ways to improve your outdoor space with decorative rock and stone. Walkways, pathways, gardens, ponds, steps, edging, and stepping stones are all examples of decorative stone projects.

No matter the aesthetic, stone will always look amazing. You can use the building stone from the structure to create a cohesive look, such as the one in the picture above. There is also the option to create a contrast with lighter or darker stones. Of course, you can always install more than one type of stone for a completely different technique. The choice depends on your unique sense of style.

What Are Decorative Stone Solutions OKC?

Decorative stones are often used for more than beautifying a property. Landscaping can play an essential role in preserving the land and protecting buildings from damage. Larger stones are better suited for preventing erosion and creating drainage solutions than common gravel ground covers. Examples of decorative stone solutions OKC projects preventing erosion and preventing standing water are rain gardens, drainage swales, French drains, and retaining walls.

Of course, if you have drainage problems, you should consider hiring a professional to ensure the best results. Just make sure that you get to pick out the stone.

Choosing the Best Stone

If you are working with natural stone from a reputable seller, you can rest assured that it is strong and durable. Additionally, it will be able to handle the ever-changing weather conditions in Oklahoma. If you purchase from an established company, the best decorative stone is the one that suits your needs and personal style.

The key to a successful outdoor project is to ensure that the stones you use are the correct size and shape and that they are installed correctly. Fortunately, we have different shapes, sizes, and colors available. We are also able to customize orders for our clients. Using a quality product and having a professional do the work means that your yard will be beautiful and functional.

Richburg Stone has decades in the business and has one of the most extensive supplies of Oklahoma stone on hand. We are sure to have the Oklahoma building stone or flooring stone you need to create a relaxing and attractive environment. If you have any questions about our stones, please reach out. We would be happy to help you with your next commercial or residential project.


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