If you are building a new home or updating your current one, the contemporary stone Oklahoma home style may be a perfect choice. This style covers various designs, ranging from reimagined farmhouses to modern-styled homes. As the name suggests, contemporary homes are part of the contemporary home design style.

By definition, contemporary homes reflect the architectural style of “today,” so the style changes over time. Currently, the style involves blending past popular architectural features with modern home ideas, so your design can be perfectly tailored to your specific wants and needs. While there is a wide range of contemporary home styles and features, there is always a focus on blending historical elements with current lifestyle concepts to create a welcoming and comfortable home.

Why Add Decorative Stone OKC to Your Contemporary Home?

By incorporating stone into the main structure and adding decorative stone OKC elements to the interior and exterior, your home will fit the contemporary stone home style. These homes are an especially unique version of the contemporary style, as they present a balanced mix of rustic charm with refined architectural design.

The contemporary stone home style presents a bold contrast of old and new due to incorporating a mix of natural and artificial elements. The most popular stones for the style include limestone, sandstone, and Oklahoma blue stone because of their strength, durability, and beauty. When paired together, contemporary design elements highlight natural stone’s textured nature and beauty, creating an overall elegant design.

Contemporary Stone Oklahoma Home Features

Although the contemporary stone home style covers a wide range of unique designs, there are many features that are popular throughout the entire style. As a whole, these homes are recognizable through their clean and simple lines. The balance between old and new extends into a balance between form and function. Each aspect is designed to be useful, but not at the cost of comfort.

While there is always room for variety, some of the most popular contemporary stone home features include:

  • An asymmetrical yet balanced interior.
  • Bold geometric architectural shapes.
  • Unique open floor plans for the main living space.
  • Large windows to bring in natural light.
  • Flexible layouts that change with your family’s needs.
  • Natural materials like limestone, sandstone, and bluestone.

Focusing on Open Concept Living

While many unique individual features are popular in this style, many of the contemporary stone home style elements are used together to create a comfortable flow throughout the main living space. In particular, a large open concept interior is a trademark of the style. This is often paired with large windows to allow natural light to reach the entire space.

The contemporary stone home style allows you to bring nature into your home by creating a consistent flow between the interior and exterior living spaces. Creating a comfortable outdoor living space allows for more quality time outside. Design elements from the home’s interior can be included in the stone patio, pool deck, or other outdoor features in various ways. For example, the main living space and patio may have the same or similar flooring stones.

Sourcing Oklahoma Blue Stone for Your Home

Whether you are designing an entirely new home or updating your current one to fit a new style, it is essential to use only the highest quality building materials to ensure that your project will be beautiful and long-lasting. Visit our OKC showroom or contact us to learn more about our contemporary stone selections.


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