Natural stone Oklahoma has many advantages over artificial stones. OKC stone and rock veneer come in a variety of colors, including New York Bluestone Oklahoma City. When it comes to natural thin stone, it shares many of the same benefits as building stone.

Natural Stone Oklahoma

OKC Stone and Rock have attributes that make stone the clear winner when compared to artificial veneer.

Natural Thin Veneer

When natural stone Oklahoma is cut as a thin veneer, it retains the same durability and water resistance properties that you find in building stone. Additionally, thin veneer stone is easy to clean, requiring little to no maintenance.

The main difference between building stone and natural thin veneer is the weight. The light weight of natural veneer provides greater flexibility for installation both indoors and outdoors. It is popular for indoor design updates because you can install it on any structurally sound wall. Create a feature wall or revamp a fireplace using natural thin veneer to add a wow factor.

Natural veneer is cut from the same rock as building stone, giving it the same beauty and quality. As a company that works with the best quarries in Oklahoma, our products are carefully inspected and made to last.

By using a natural veneer, your stone maintains the unique texture and color variations that simply cannot be found outside of nature. The color hues include everything from soft creams, buffs, golds, pinks, grays, browns, and New York Bluestone Oklahoma City. No matter what your style is, you will have no trouble finding the ideal stone veneer for your project.

Manufactured Veneer

At first glance, some manufactured stones may seem like the cheaper option. However, the difference in cost is not much. Add in the factors that natural stone is stronger and lasts longer than manufactured stone, and you could end up paying more money over time by choosing to use artificial stone.

Other drawbacks of manufactured stone are the look and the upkeep. Artificial stone will never have the natural beauty of natural stone. Since it is manufactured, the color will be too uniform, lacking the subtle grain and variation in tone that make natural stone stand out from the crowd. Additionally, the color will fade from manufactured stone over time, and keeping synthetic stone clean is not as easy as keeping natural stone clean. This is why artificial stone is not often recommended for outdoor use.

The biggest drawback of manufactured stone is its sustainability. Natural stone is not created with chemicals, and it is abundant. You know everything about the building material you are using and how it was made when you choose to install natural stone.

If you have a project that requires stone veneer, we would be happy to help you find the ideal choice for your design. We have natural thin stone in various colors along with flats and corners to create a flawless look. Please get in touch with us or visit our showroom to see the selection of natural thin stones we have available.

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