Contemporary stone Oklahoma allows you to blend the timeless nature of stone together with modern design. As a result, you have the opportunity to pursue architectural trends while still creating a home that lasts. So what are some of the current trends in architecture, and how can you use them to your advantage?

Current Trends

Any stone can be used in a contemporary stone house. While buff lueders stone has always been a favorite, pewter gray, cream, and bluestone are also excellent choices for contemporary design. Here are ways you can work these stones into your home while keeping up with the latest look.

Clean Lines

One design element in modern homes is using clean lines. While many people associate stone with ornate, traditional construction, it is the perfect material for straight simple lines in home architecture. Building a home with clean lines can still have visual interest and depth, particularly when you add in the texture of the stone being used.

Natural Light

A familiar trend in home architecture is open space with large windows that allow natural light into the house. Modern homes may also use skylights and partitions rather than walls to bring the light through the home. The contrast between stone and the glass in a modern home can be striking, particularly when the light reflects off of a paler color such as buff lueders.

Veneer Accents

If you visit our OKC stone showroom, you will see that we carry both building stone and natural thin stone veneer. Veneer has become a favorite material to balance the composition of a structure when a building stone simply will not work. Veneer is much lighter than building stone, which makes it very versatile.

Dark and Light

Contemporary stone Oklahoma homes typically showcase a minimalistic style. One way to add depth to modern architecture is to use contrasting colors together, such as whites, blacks, and grays. As you can see in the photo above, the design is quite clean and simple, but the combination colors and textures create an eye-catching home with excellent curb appeal.


More people are searching for ways to blend nature into the home and live in harmony with it. In these cases of Biophilic design, you may see softer lines and more organic shapes integrated into modern design as the trend continues. Stone is ideal material for this style because it will complement the natural elements of the design.

Choosing Stone for Your Build

As we have already said, you can use almost any stone in contemporary architecture. The key to success is making sure that you have the best materials for the job. We suggest working with an established and trusted stone supplier. At Richburg Stone, we stock only the highest-quality rocks and stones available. If you have any questions about our building stones or veneer, please contact our team. You may also want to visit our OKC stone showroom so you can browse our inventory in-person.


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