Contemporary style homes establish their creative character through dynamic designs. The style focuses on balancing form and function in every element. One way to create this balance is the use of contemporary stone Oklahoma and decorative stone OKC.

Whether you are designing a new home or updating your current home to better fit the style, it helps to know some of the elements of what makes a contemporary stone Oklahoma home. Here are four characteristics of contemporary style homes.


A major focus of the contemporary style is utilizing a minimal design. Although keeping everything functional is a significant part of the style, that does not mean that the homes are a blank slate. Trims, moldings, and other decorative elements are simplified. Decorative stone OKC helps make a home unique and comfortable.

Open Floor Plans

Contemporary homes achieve their spacious and cohesive feel through an open flow between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The focus on minimalism and the use of oversized windows make the layout functional. Slight transitions define a “room” without the use of walls. For example, a home’s main living space will feature Oklahoma blue stone flooring, but the living room and dining room may each have a unique area rug.

Industrial Inspiration

Many contemporary home designs are inspired by the industrial style. This inspiration is reflected in the use of materials like steel, concrete, and stone instead of only using brick or wood. When combined with natural lighting through large windows, the homes still feel airy and comfortable.

Connecting with Nature

By using large windows, designing a comfortable exterior space, and creating a flow between indoor and outdoor areas, the contemporary style achieves its goal of connecting homes with nature. There are various ways to make your home’s interior and exterior cohesive. For example, your Oklahoma blue stone interior flooring can match exterior patio pavers. You can also create a color scheme to use throughout your home that flows into your outdoor space.

Finding the right materials is important when designing a house. Contact Richburg Stone to find the perfect stone for your contemporary style home.


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