Decorative rock and stone OKC should be a familiar concept with the numerous home and garden makeover shows on television. However, what constitutes a decorative stone, and why do we need them? Here are a few things you should know about decorative rock.

What Is Decorative Stone OKC?

The answer to this question may seem obvious at first glance. Any rock or stone that you use to enhance your outdoor space is a decorative rock and stone Oklahoma City. Decorative stones come in any shape and size, but they will often do so much more than create a pleasing aesthetic. In reality, they have an important role in preserving your property.

Decorative rock and stone OKC | Richburg Stone

Drainage & Soil Erosion

River rocks and other small stones are perfect for improving drainage. For example, dry creek beds and French drains are ideal drainage solutions, and decorative stone OKC protects the drain while creating a beautiful look. Using small rocks and stones as ground cover can also prevent erosion. Additionally, they do not attract termites like wood mulch.


Most landscaping projects will include some sort of pathway. After all, no one wants to walk in the mud. There are a few different types of pathways that you can choose to create:

  • Walkways: Walkways with flooring stone pavers can create a neat path throughout your outdoor space.
  • Stepping Stones: Stepping stones can be smooth or irregular depending on the look that you want to achieve.
  • Edging: Edging with stone will help prevent weeds out of your beds and soil in them. Using decorative rock and stone OKC will give your yard a tidy appearance.

Pools & Ponds

Pool coping from decorative rock and stone Oklahoma City takes your yard to the next level and lasts for years. However, pool coping is also essential for the longevity of your swimming pool. It prevents water from falling behind the shell, which can lead to damage. Additionally, pool coping prevents dirt and debris from entering your pool and clogging the filtration system.

Another benefit of using stone pool coping is its porosity, making it perfect to have near water. Unlike tile, stone is a naturally slip-resistant material that can reduce hazardous falls.
Installing a pond is the ideal way to relax outdoors, and stone is the perfect building material. Stone is ideally suited for a wet environment. Creating a pond with stone emulates bodies of water found in nature. A variety of stones in and around your pond will help it blend seamlessly into your landscape.

Find Quality Stone OKC

At Richburg Stone, we have a large selection of building and decorative stones OKC in our OKC Showroom. Whether you need pool coping, river rock, flooring stone, or other decorative materials, we are sure to have them.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions about the type of stone you should use for your outdoor project. You are welcome to visit and see the stones before you make your final selection.


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