Natural rock and stone Oklahoma City is known for its strength, beauty, and longevity. As such, it is the perfect material for various interior and exterior updates – especially in commercial spaces! While there are many ways to upgrade your office with high-end rocks, two features that can truly transform any space are flooring stones and stone feature walls.

Transform Your Commercial Space With:

Flooring Stones OKC

Whether you are focusing on your individual office or the commercial space as a whole, your choice of flooring material is important. The selection should do more than look good – it must also be slip-resistant, capable of handling frequent use without losing quality, and (preferably) easy to care for. Flooring stones OKC made of limestone, sandstone, and bluestone meet all these criteria.

When it comes to your office’s interior, incorporating natural flooring stones throughout the entire space will automatically add an impressive visual appeal to your building. If you prefer a smaller update that still transforms the space, you could only use natural stone pavers in the building’s higher traffic areas.

The durability, strength, and weather resistance of limestone, sandstone, and bluestone make them ideal materials for your exterior spaces. Consider using natural stone pavers to create a walkway or path leading up to your business’s entrance. Stone pavers are also ideal materials for courtyards and patios.

Unique Stone Walls

When a potential customer or client visits your commercial space, its appearance can influence how they view your business or company as a whole; as such, it is essential to make the right impression on first-time visitors. Beautifully designed and professionally installed stone feature walls can help you make a powerful and long-lasting impression.

Many design and construction experts use natural limestone, sandstone, and bluestone on building exteriors. Depending on your preference, thin stone veneer could cover a smaller portion of the building or wrap around the entire exterior. No matter your design style, there is sure to be a traditional, rustic, or modern stone Oklahoma that is perfect for your commercial space.

Of course, stone walls are also an ideal addition to your office’s interior. Consider adding a stone feature wall near the building’s entryway and in the lobby. Conference rooms and individual offices can also benefit from stone feature walls. Depending on your preferences, this material can match or contrast with your flooring stones.

Selecting Your Ideal Stone Type

There are many types of limestone, sandstone, and bluestone, each featuring unique colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and more. As such, there is sure to be an ideal option for your commercial space. Consider upgrading your office with these popular stones:

Traditional Stones for Commercial Spaces

  • Buff Lueders. This high-quality limestone has a primarily buff color palette with subtle hints of tan. Buff lueders is one of the most popular natural stones for decoration and construction.
  • Rainbow Cut. This strong and durable stone has a notably unique color palette that includes swirls of gold, tan, pink, and more. Rainbow cut stones can be smooth or fairly textured.
  • White Chateau. For an elegant, upscale appearance, consider this high-end natural rock. The soft palette of white chateau limestone will give your commercial space a timeless look.

Modern Stone Oklahoma for Offices

  • Charcoal Lueders. Another high-end natural stone selection, this rock is perfect for a range of projects. Contemporary charcoal lueders will contribute its strength and beauty to any feature.
  • Cream Lueders. This versatile rock is perfect if you want a lighter color palette in your modern office space. Contemporary cream leuders is perfect for patio flooring stones OKC, feature walls, and more.
  • Bluestone. A long-time favorite of design and construction experts, this quality rock can be an ideal addition to your office. Bluestone is known for its strength, durability, and beauty.

Rustic Rock and Stone Oklahoma City

  • Prairie Creek. The “irregular” cut of this high-quality limestone can give any space a visually appealing rustic look. Prairie creek stones have the durability for interior and exterior use.
  • Moss Builders. This stone’s variety of colors, textures, and shapes make it perfect for spaces with more unique designs. Moss builders naturally forms in shades of red, gold, and more.
  • Eufaula Cut. Quarried near Oklahoma’s Lake Eufaula, this tan, yellow, and brown rock is an excellent option for rustic-styled commercial spaces. Eufaula cut stones are also very durable.


Quality Natural Stone for Your Office Space

If you are ready to upgrade your commercial building’s interior or exterior with high-end rock and stone Oklahoma City, contact us or visit Richburg Stone’s showroom. We keep a wide range of limestones, sandstones, and bluestones in stock, and our expert staff is prepared to tell you everything you need to know about our quality materials.


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