Oklahoma building stone has always been part of Oklahoma City’s construction. At Richburg Stone, we are proud to continue this tradition by providing quality building stones for both residential and commercial construction. One such example is the traditional sandstone that was used to create the Midwest City Conference Center.

Rainbow Cut with Abbey Cut Oklahoma Building Stone

The Oklahoma stone OKC combination of Rainbow and Abbey Cut stone has a long history in Oklahoma. You will find it in many buildings throughout the Oklahoma City Metro due to its combination of soft grays, buffs, golds, and pinks. You can see how the stone’s palette of earth tones works well with the surrounding landscape in this conference center.

The color combination complements the neutral gray and buff colors of the building while creating depth. The building stone combines with the other materials to create an attractive texture while maintaining a cleaner, more modern look.

The stone walls on either side of the walkway are reminiscent of traditional bridges, making it ideal for this historic Oklahoma stone OKC color combination. With a slightly different design, the stone could appear rustic. With the careful landscaping and accompanying decorative stone, however, the overall look and feel is charming yet upscale.

Modern and Traditional Rock and Stone OKC

Rainbow and Abbey Cut stone may be part of Oklahoma’s history, but more and more people are drawn to contemporary stones in grays, cream, and blue. In fact, we have a page that is solely dedicated to contemporary stones.

This project at the Midwest City Conference Center is not just an homage to the past. It shows that you can beautifully combine the building stones of the past with the designs of the present to create something that is unique and inviting.

Whether you want a traditional or a modern building stone, Richburg Stone has the quality and inventory that you need. Our building stones are low-maintenance, durable, and timeless. No matter your taste, Oklahoma building stone will never go out of style,

Contact us today to learn more about our stock, delivery options, and options for customizing the stone of your choice.


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