Oklahoma stone is a broad term for a collection of versatile stones that can elevate your living spaces and workspaces. Various types of stone will work well with your project, such as limestone and bluestone. Each has its own characteristics for you to enjoy, most of which are naturally occurring. To further enhance the natural beauty of stone, many suppliers will add a unique finish to the existing stone.

There are many different ways in which a professional will finish a stone. Some involve using specialized tools; others require intense friction. Regardless of how each finish is produced, each adds a beautiful touch to your natural stone projects.

What are the Oklahoma Stone Finishes?

The finishing options available for your project depend on the supplier you go with. Here are some of the most common finishes for natural stone.


Rock and stone OKC with a tumbled finish are popular due to their stunningly weathered and rustic appearance. Like our Abbey Tumbled selection at Richburg Stone, tumbled stone adds an antique feel with gorgeous softened colors. Tumbled stones are often rounded at the edges from tumbling in a large drum for weeks at a time or hand-chiseling. Keep in mind that not all stones can be tumbled, so discuss this with your stone supplier before purchasing for your project.


Polished stone has a glossy, smooth surface. The stone’s surface is rubbed repeatedly using polishing pads until it obtains a naturally shiny appearance. Stones used for indoor flooring and countertops are often polished to enhance their natural appearance and add value to your home. Maintaining polished stone, especially those used for flooring, can be difficult, so consider using unpolished stone or consulting a professional for repolishing.


Stones with a sandblasted finish often have unique marks and textures that beautifully bring out the stone’s natural colors. By blowing sand and other materials at high force on the surface, the stone gains a rough texture with small crevices that give it character. Sandblasted stone is excellent for flooring and pool coping because it has excellent grip.


Honed finishes are achieved using methods that are similar to polishing. However, stone supplies in OKC with a honed finish are not glossy. Honed stones are incredibly smooth and great for design styles that emphasize simplicity and clean lines. Natural stones with a honed finish are excellent for wall cladding, stone backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and more.


Sawn stones are achieved by cutting the stone using a specialized saw, hence the name. Sawn stones have an uneven surface and edges with slight curves. Sawn stones are incredibly versatile and complement many design styles, from modern to rustic. At Richburg Stone, our Cream Lueders are sawn on the top and the bottom, one of the many reasons it is a favorite among our customers.

Are Finishes Necessary for Natural Rock and Stone OKC?

While having natural stone finished is common, it is not necessary. In fact, Oklahoma stone has several benefits in a completely natural form. For example, the texture of natural stone makes it resistant to slips and normal wear due to its porosity. Likewise, natural stone does not fade over time, so finishes are not needed to maintain the stone’s natural coloring. As a bonus, stone in its natural state is easy to maintain. There is no need to worry about refinishing the surface to preserve its durability and beauty.

Natural Stone Supplies in OKC

Whether you leave your stone completely natural or have it finished, it will surely add depth and appeal in any way it is used. At Richburg Stone, we have a wide selection of natural stones, including limestone, bluestone, and sandstone. With over 90 years in the stone industry, let our experts help you find the perfect stone for your project. Please visit our showroom to view our stones for yourself, and reach out to us with any questions.


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