When it comes to building your home, choosing the right materials matters. If you are considering whether to complete your project with natural Oklahoma stone veneer or faux stone, you may be wondering if there is any difference between the two. Even though it may be hard to distinguish at times, several key differences make natural stone the best choice.

Natural Stone Veneer vs. Faux Stone OKC: What’s the Difference?


Natural stone is formed over thousands of years by natural processes. The stone is quarried from whole natural stone slabs and cut into thin slices to make the veneer. On the other hand, faux stone veneer is made from concrete and other materials. The mixture is forced into a mold and dyed or stained to resemble natural stone.


Your stone supplies in OKC should be able to withstand the test of time, especially if you are using it for an exterior project. Natural stone veneer will contain exceptional strength and durability from whichever natural stone it was quarried from. The strength of faux stone veneer depends highly on the quality of the materials used to make it and the supplier that produces it. With faux stone, you are never certain how the stone will hold up over time.


When you choose natural stone veneer, you can rest assured that your project is unique and beautiful, as no two stones are the same. Plus, natural stone veneer does not fade, so its beauty will last for years to come. Because it is formed in a mold, faux stone will have more consistent colors, shapes, and textures. However, it lacks the distinctiveness found only with natural stone.


Your building materials are an investment that should be thoroughly researched and considered to ensure they are functional and long-lasting. Faux stone OKC has a lower initial cost. However, natural stone veneers will last longer architecturally and aesthetically. Even though it has a higher monetary cost, you will not have to worry about repairing or replacing the stone due to damage or fading, making it a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Which Stone Is Better for My Project?

Many factors go into choosing the best stone supplies in OKC for your project, including your budget and what you prioritize regarding your materials. Keep in mind:

  • Natural stone veneer is your best choice if you want a unique addition to your project, have the time to work with professionals, and desire quality and durability assurance in your materials.
  • If you have a limited budget and plan to complete the project yourself, then artificial stone may be the better option.

Beautiful Natural Stone Veneer in Oklahoma City

Natural Oklahoma stone veneer adds a stunning touch to any project. At Richburg Stone, we are the leading supplier of high-quality natural stone. We have a large selection to choose from, with dozens of options to fit your needs. Please visit our showroom or contact us today to find the perfect natural stone veneer for your project.


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