Whether you prefer contemporary stone Oklahoma or a more traditional style, natural stone is an ideal addition to any space. If you are designing a modern farmhouse or renovating your current home to fit this style, you may wonder which stone is best.

Decorative Rock and Stone OKC for Modern Farmhouses

Light OKC Stone Selections

The modern farmhouse style is well-known for its neutral and light color palette. As such, some of the most popular stones to incorporate into this style include:

  • Buff Lueders. This beautiful yellowish-cream limestone features hints of tan.
  • Cream Lueders. This limestone features light tan, light gold, and dove gray.
  • Pewter Limestone. This unique light tan limestone has some hints of white.
  • Cottonwood. This limestone selection ranges between light cream and white.


Dark OKC Stone Selections

While a light palette is commonly associated with modern farmhouses, there are exceptions to every design rule. If you prefer the look of a darker stone, consider:

  • Gray Ledgestone. This buff and gray limestone has brown and gold highlights.
  • Brown Lueders. This limestone is soft brown with some hints of buff and gold.
  • New York Bluestone. This classic stone is known for its unique blue palette.
  • Abbey Sandstone. This earth-toned stone features brown, rust, black, and buff.


Ways to Incorporate Decorative Rock and Stone OKC Into Your Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style can be defined by its color palette, unique exteriors, open interiors, and comfortable outdoor spaces.

Color Palette

The interiors and exteriors of modern farmhouses feature calming neutral tones. The white, cream, and pale tan shades help the space feel light. To keep the space from feeling one-note, many designers incorporate natural stone, wood, and industrial details, making the farmhouse feel modern and sophisticated through the added texture and warmth.

Unique Exteriors

This style balances contemporary designs and farmhouse aesthetics, making the exterior beautifully unique. Perhaps the most recognizable aspect of a modern farmhouse is a gable roof. The 45-degree pitch of this style emphasizes the home’s height. The architectural feature also benefits the home’s interior, as the resulting higher ceilings make the space feel more spacious.

Many modern farmhouse designers will incorporate quality natural stone into the home’s exterior design. This may involve having a stone base before any siding details begin, or the entire exterior may be covered in beautiful stone. Of course, exterior stone feature walls are also a popular addition to these spaces.

Open Interiors

Spacious and flowing floor plans are a popular characteristic of the modern farmhouse style. The light color palette and high ceilings accentuate the openness and airiness of these spaces. These spacious rooms perfectly house the big and comfortable furniture that the style is known for.

Modern farmhouse interior design focuses on balancing form and function. As such, stone details are a natural addition to the space. In addition to increasing any home’s beauty and enjoyment, stone feature walls, fireplace surrounds, and flooring are easy to care for and maintain.

The focal point of a modern farmhouse is often its large kitchen. These rooms create the perfect space to gather with friends and family while preparing a meal or hosting a party. Modern farmhouse kitchens often feature open shelving, oversized cabinets, and farmhouse sinks. Industrial fixtures and natural stone details are the perfect finishing touches.

Outdoor Spaces

A comfortable outdoor living space is a perfect addition to any modern farmhouse. A large front porch or patio acts as a grand entrance that is both welcoming and impressive. You may also be interested in a backyard stone patio that serves as a base for a living space, complete with a stone fireplace, kitchen, retaining walls, and other beautiful details.

Your Source for Traditional and Contemporary Stone Oklahoma

Whether you are renovating your home or building a new modern farmhouse, Richburg Stone is sure to have the supplies that you need. Our OKC showroom features a range of beautiful natural materials that can be easily incorporated into any design style; visit our showroom or contact us to start finding your ideal decorative rock and stone OKC.


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