There are different choices for commercial pool decks. Decking around pools are no longer just wood or poured concrete. Swimming pool decks are a vital part of the landscape design. There are many benefits to creating swimming pool decks that are attractive and durable, particularly for commercial projects.

Decking Around Pool

A commercial pool should look its best and attract clientele. Pool coping Oklahoma is the stone around the pool that protects the pool. You can use the same stone to create pool deck coping where the same stone carries from the coping throughout the deck. This can create a clean, cohesive look, which is ideal for commercial pool and deck areas.

      Benefits of Stone Swimming Pool Decks


      Pool deck coping stone is available in different colors that will create any ambiance you desire, whether clean and modern or charming and rustic. You can also use similar stones throughout your landscaping.

      Strength and Durability

      Natural stone is much stronger and lasts longer than wooden decks do. Not only are they durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions, but stone decks are also strong enough to handle the everyday wear and tear that comes with having a commercial pool.

      Comfort and Safety

      One of the great benefits of using natural stone Oklahoma to create a deck is the comfort and safety it can provide. A stone deck will not reflect heat the same way that a cement deck does, which protects bare feet from discomfort when walking around a pool. Additionally, stones are more porous than many other decking materials, which means that people are less likely to slip when the deck inevitably becomes wet.


      Natural stone is a low maintenance material. You can typically sweep away dirt and debris and rinse it off when necessary. The stones will need to be resealed on occasion to keep them in the best possible condition, which your stone supplier can explain. 

      Do you have questions about pool and deck stone or pool coping Oklahoma, please contact us or visit our showroom to see our selections in person. We can help you create the perfect commercial pool for your project.

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