If you are searching for a unique tile selection, consider Oklahoma bluestone. Because this natural stone is known for its many qualities, you have likely seen it featured in many spaces before. However, you may be unsure whether it is an ideal option for flooring. Looking into the pros and cons of the material can help you make the best choice for your project.

Pro: Oklahoma Bluestone Is Known for Its Beauty

Bluestone is named after its eye-catching palette that features shades of blues and grays. These unique colors will look beautiful as the flooring in your interior or exterior spaces. Additionally, some selections may even feature swirls of greens or purples.

This beautiful appearance gives New York bluestone Oklahoma City the versatility to fit with a range of architectural styles. Whether you are designing a modern commercial space or a rustic home, these natural stone tiles can seamlessly blend with the design.

Con: the Darker Tiles Could Absorb More Heat

If you are choosing tiles for an outdoor project, it is important to remember that darker stones could absorb more heat than stones with a lighter palette. However, this does not mean you should not add bluestone to your exterior space.

Many design and construction experts utilize bluestone tiles for outdoor pathways, patios, and steps. Additionally, because this stone can be exposed to water without becoming too slippery, it is a comfortable option for pool surrounds.

Pro: Bluestone Tiles Are Very Easy to Maintain

Whether you are selecting flooring for your living room, your business’s exterior entrances, or anywhere else in between, it is important to consider the level of maintenance required. One of the many benefits of bluestone is that it is very easy to care for.

Instead of deep-cleaning or resealing, your flooring stones OKC will require minimal care to stay at their most beautiful. Your bluestone tiles will only need to be swept to prevent dirt buildup. Deeper cleaning will be needed, but less frequently.

Con: It Costs More than Artificial Alternatives

Installing new flooring is a significant project – especially if it will flow throughout your home or commercial space. As such, it is essential to consider the cost of your materials. You may be trying to decide between bluestone and its artificial alternatives.

Bluestone tiles are made of quarried natural stone that is shaped until it reaches the ideal dimension and texture. Artificial stone is made of cement, aggregate, and dyes. Because of this, natural bluestone costs more than materials designed to mimic it.

Pro: the Flooring Stones OKC Are Long-Lasting

Your tiles will get a lot of use every day, so the materials you choose must have the strength and durability to withstand wear and tear. Because of its weather resistance and ability to avoid cracking or crumbling, bluestone flooring will have the longevity you need.

That longevity extends past its strength and durability. Natural bluestone’s color will not fade over time. Instead, the flooring in your home or commercial building will keep its beautiful blue and gray palette for decades to come.

Why New York Bluestone Oklahoma City Is an Ideal Flooring Material

The beauty, ease of maintenance, and overall longevity of natural bluestone ensure that tiles made from this high-quality material are an ideal addition to any interior or exterior space.

If you are searching for quality flooring stones, the expert staff at Richburg Stone is prepared to help you find the perfect material for your project. We supply a range of high-end natural stones, including bluestone tiles. Please visit our OKC showroom or contact us to learn more about our stones.


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