You can use charcoal lueders stone in a wide variety of projects. From wall siding and flooring to building stone, you will find lueders everywhere. Charcoal is particularly prominent in modern designs. However, your stone installation needs to be done correctly to ensure that it will last. If you are purchasing top-quality stones, do everything in your power to ensure that they remain in place.

Charcoal Lueders Wall Siding Installation

In the case of building stones, qualified builders and masons will be responsible for preparing the area. For smaller projects, such as adding natural stone veneer as siding or feature walls, some people prefer to DIY.

Natural stone veneer is the same as building stone. However, it is a thinner, lighter cut, making it the ideal material for smaller projects where building stone would be too heavy. Many modern stone Oklahoma projects will use veneer to create accents with visual interest.


Before you do any stone work, find out if you need a permit. It will vary depending on where you live. The exact preparation will vary based on what the veneer is covering. Since thin veneer is not structural, there needs to be a structure below, such as concrete. For wood, it should be attached over a frame or sheath with a metal lath, and it requires a vapor barrier.

Once the vapor barrier and lath are installed, you will need to apply a scratch coat of N or Type S mortar with a metal comb. The scratch coat should be roughly ½ -inch thick, and allow it to dry for 24 hours before application.

The next day, prepare the mortar according to the directions. Make sure that it is not watery. Before applying the charcoal lueders stone veneer, clean the stones and lay out the design you want. The pieces will need to be moist when placed.

Charcoal Lueders Flooring Stone

A variety of modern stone Oklahoma is available for flooring. If you want to DIY flooring stone, you will find the best results by not adding stones directly over the subfloor. Additionally, now is the time to address any issues with the subfloor. This may require an expert. Adding a moisture barrier and cement backer unit will be necessary unless you have a cement subfloor. Any movement or failure to keep the substrate straight will cause the stone to crack or lift up over time. A layer of grooved cement is then added to hold the precut stones in place. Before laying stones, they should be cut to the shapes and sizes necessary to fit the space well.

To DIY or Not to DIY

Natural stone is an investment that many choose for its longevity as well as its beauty. If you have the knowledge and experience necessary to install stone, you might want to take a stab at it. However, hiring an expert will help ensure your lueders stone is installed correctly and remains in place.

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