If you want to update your outdoor space, consider adding new features made of natural OKC stone. This high-quality material is sturdy, beautiful, and made to last, which will benefit your project. Here are some of the best ways to update your landscape with stone features:

For Your Front Yard

There are many ways to update the front of your house with natural stone features. For example, you could:

  • Create an impressive entrance. A stone veneer feature wall around your front door and a stone pathway leading from the sidewalk to your porch create a grand entryway that welcomes people into your home.
  • Make a cozy breakfast nook. A small patio with comfortable seating is an ideal place to enjoy your morning coffee. A stone water feature can create a calming atmosphere, and planters can increase privacy.

For Your Backyard

You can transform your backyard into a unique outdoor living space with features made of quality buff lueders limestone, sandstone, or bluestone. Through these customizable projects, you can:

  • Relax on a stone patio. Slip-resistant stone flooring pavers are the perfect base for a patio. A stone feature wall on the back of your house and a stone fireplace will make this the perfect place to unwind.
  • Enjoy the sun by a pool. A well-made and beautifully designed swimming pool is the ultimate space to relax and entertain. Stone pool coping is ideal, as the sturdy material will increase visual appeal and safety.

For Any Outdoor Space

There are plenty of stone landscaping ideas that work in any part of your outdoor space. For example, you could:

  • Add beautiful garden beds. Natural stone is an ideal material to surround your favorite flowers, greenery, and other plants. The stone borders will do more than increase beauty; they can also prevent erosion.
  • Connect areas with stone paths. Paver walkways are an eye-catching landscaping detail that also makes it easier to navigate your yard. Natural stone is the ideal material, as it is sturdy and durable.

What to Consider Before Updating Your Landscape

For your new landscape updates to have the best results, you will need to:

Visit the Right Oklahoma Stone Supplier

The quality of materials will determine the success of your landscaping updates. As such, sourcing your materials from a reliable stone supplier is essential. Before visiting a potential source, do some research. The feedback you find in reviews or personal recommendations will show you what you can expect regarding stone quality and customer service.

Choose Your Ideal Natural OKC Stone

Whether your planned updates are large or small, your materials should be strong, weather-resistant, and visually appealing. As such, the best stone selections for your landscaping projects are limestone, sandstone, and bluestone.

Of course, selecting the best stone for your specific project is essential. For example, you may want a lighter stone for your pool coping, like buff lueders limestone, and a darker stone for your custom fireplace, like bluestone.

Work with Stone Construction Experts

While DIY projects sound nice, remember that it takes hard work and experience to safely and successfully construct many landscaping updates – especially large features. As such, to ensure that our finished project is constructed safely, structurally sound, and visually appealing, it is worth partnering with stone design and construction professionals.

Your Oklahoma Stone Supplier

If you are ready to update your outdoor space with impressive stone features, visit Richburg Stone’s showroom in Oklahoma City. Our expert staff is prepared to help you select the best natural limestone, sandstone, or bluestone for your project.


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