Because of its durability, beauty, and longevity, natural stone Oklahoma is an ideal building and decorative material. Additionally, the many sizes, shapes, and colors of stone ensure that there is an ideal material for any part of your home’s interior – including kids’ rooms.

While stone is often not the first material you think of when it comes to decorating children’s rooms, its many benefits can make it the ideal choice. For example, when using high-quality limestone, sandstone, or bluestone, the project comes with a guarantee of:

  • Slip-resistance: because of the unique textures of these stones, you are unlikely to slip or fall on them, even if there is water or moisture in the area.
  • Low maintenance: these materials are naturally easy to care for, needing only occasional cleaning, and many varieties are resistant to staining.
  • Style longevity: while some room designs come in and out of style (especially as kids age), natural stone features are always visually appealing.


Incorporating Natural Stone Oklahoma into Kid Room Designs

Natural Oklahoma stone OKC is a highly versatile material that can be used for many different projects. Two ways to use it in a kid’s room design are through flooring and feature walls.

OKC Stone Flooring

As listed above, stone flooring reduces the risk of slipping and falling. Additionally, if anything spills, staining will not be a concern, as it would be with carpeted flooring. If you are unsure about using this sturdy flooring material (for example, if your children are still very young), plush rugs can be added around the room to make play areas more comfortable.

At Richburg Stone, we supply various high-end flooring stones. For a modern and calming look, you can incorporate darker stones, such as Charcoal Lueders or New York Bluestone. For a design that is more bright and airy, consider lighter stones like Buff Lueders or Dover Shell. Each of these stones works with many color palettes and design styles, so there is sure to be an ideal option for your child’s room.

OKC Stone Feature Walls

For a unique look, consider incorporating a natural stone feature wall. There are many ways to transform a room with thin veneer stone. For example, our Rainbow Cut stone has subtle shades of pink, yellow, and tan, so feature walls with this material will have a fun and playful effect. You can also use stones with unique shapes or rougher textures, such as our Prairie Creek Irregular stone, to create a more rustic or cabin-like look.

As listed above, one of the many benefits of decorating with natural stone is its style longevity. Instead of having to repaint and redecorate your child’s room as their hobbies and interests change over time, a stone feature wall will always look beautiful and timeless. Additionally, this quality material blends well with any design style.

Quality Oklahoma Stone OKC

At Richburg Stone, we supply a wide range of high-end building and decorative materials. Whether you need stone for flooring, feature walls, or any other project, we are sure to have an ideal material option. Contact us or visit our showroom to begin.


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