When it comes to pool coping Oklahoma, there is nothing quite as effective as stone. Not only is stone a beautiful building material, but it is also safe and durable. When you are looking at various choices for your pool coping, consider using sandstone.

Stone Pool Coping Oklahoma

Why You Need Pool Coping

Pool coping is essential to the longevity of your pool as well as the safety of your family. Not only does pool coping protect the shell of your pool from water damage but the coping ledge also helps keep debris and dirt out of the pool. Additionally, coping supports your pool cover, ensuring that the water is only available when you choose.

Considering how vital pool coping is, choosing the best possible building material is only logical.

Making a Choice in an OKC Stone Showroom

You have options when it comes to stone pool coping. However, two great choices are limestone and sandstone. Sandstone is an excellent choice for pools for a variety of reasons.

Porosity and Texture of Sandstone

Sandstone naturally has a unique texture to it. This texture does more than provide visual interest. It also helps create a grip for wet feet, which helps to reduce slips and falls when the stone is wet. Sandstone is also effective for pool coping Oklahoma because of its porosity. This type of stone will hold some water, keeping the amount on the surface to a minimum, which also helps prevent slipping. While you still need to take proper safety precautions, this texture and porosity add a layer of protection.


Sandstone is a strong and durable material that is used in large construction projects. With a compressive strength of 95.00 N/mm2 and a specific gravity of 2.8 g/cm, sandstone will hold up to weight and handle everyday traffic. Sandstone is also the perfect hardness. With a 6 to 7 rating on Moh’s scale, you can cut and shape the stone, but it will also resist chipping and breakage. This stone will do more than withstand normal wear and tear; it will also handle Oklahoma’s extreme weather changes.


One of the best aspects of sandstone is its maintenance. Since stone pool coping Oklahoma is a natural product, anything weather only creates character. Caring for the stone is a simple process. Sweep up debris and use water to wash away anything that will not come up with the broom.

Picking Your Sandstone

Sandstone has a special charm to it. Available in a variety of colors, you can find it in traditional browns and tans as well as pinks and grays. With the choices in color and the ability to cut sandstone into different shapes and sizes, you are sure to discover the perfect selection for your pool.

We invite you to visit our OKC stone showroom and view all of the options available for your pool coping. As a leading stone supplier with over 90 years in the industry, we only provide the best stones on the market.


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