If you want an Oklahoma stone patio that will last, consider using natural stone pavers. Not only will they give you a lovely aesthetic, but they also come in a variety of colors and styles that will look perfect in any outdoor space. Like any other project, however, you need to know how to clean stone patio to keep it well-maintained.

How to Clean Pavers and Maintain Them

Most flooring stones are sealed to protect it from the elements. A reputable supplier will provide sealed stones along with instructions on how to clean patio pavers. Water will not quickly build up in stone that is sealed. Additionally, you will need to reseal your patio about once a year. Of course, you still need to know the best way to clean pavers.

The best way to clean pavers is to do it consistently. Sweep your Oklahoma stone patio regularly and pay attention to any spills that occur so that you can clean them up quickly. Essential maintenance involves spraying your stones down with water or gently scrubbing them. Soapy water is how you can clean stone patio quickly and easily. If you do decide to use a cleaner, make sure that it is pH neutral, and test it before using it on your entire patio.

Paying attention to any grout is another critical step in maintaining your patio. If there is any cracked or missing grout on your patio, remove the broken pieces entirely and regrout the newly empty space. Using wire bristles will help ensure that all of the fractured grout is removed.

In the event that a paver does break, replacing it is a relatively simple task. Simply remove and replace the single paver. You do not need to touch any of the other pavers in the process.

All of this information is the basics of how to clean patio pavers. If you have specific questions about cleaning pavers for stone patios, or you are looking for stone flooring that is easy to maintain, please contact us. Our experts are more than happy to show you a selection perfect for your stone patio.

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